Elementor #6604

Student spotlight

It's been a long road, but with Product Gym, I was able to get all of my questions answered, and go into the world of Product Management confident!

What were some of your initial challenges?

I had in the past worked with tech companies, so I never really delved into developing a product. This was definitely a roadblock for me at some points because I couldn't really speak the language terms, such as those related to User Research. Sometimes, I didn't even understand how to work with engineers, and how to work with designers. I definitely learned a lot from reading, and I'd say before Product Gym, most of my difficulties happened during the interviews, where I would fumble and just lose it when they asked me all about the technicalities, and detailed about developing a product, as well as working with different teams.

How many interviews a week were you participating in when you were coaching with Product Gym?

I would say at the start, I was doing eight to twelve interviews a week, and over time it just picked up more and more from there. It was definitely a busy time in my job hunting life.

Did you feel that Product Gym was lacking in any way due to taking the classes remotely?

I would definitely say that no. I signed up, not just for the classes, and for the interviews, but for the community. The community is definitely a strong factor, especially here in San Francisco, such as in those weekly meetings where Coaching Calls would be hosted, and everybody got to talk about their struggles - I feel that those moments are one of the strongest and one of the most positive experiences I could ask. It's such a strong community, where you could help each other on your journey, and you just listen to what each other are struggling with, and work together on it.

Do you feel you were adequately prepared to go out and do the job?

Definitely. A lot of the terminologies and understand of the life cycle of Product Management has been just attending the sessions with Product Gym, so that helped a lot. A lot of the nitty-gritty of getting into Product for the first time was being able to effectively communicate with engineering, or designers, and working with people with a more focused Product Background like myself, now working in Mobility at SPIN. I would say going into the job, I was going in prepared, and I'm even more confident now after I've been on the job for a while.