Onboarding Checklist

Topic Progress:

After completing payment and joining our student portal, be sure to review all the steps before your first day of class (be it the first week of the cohort or in the middle) or reaching out to Product Gym Staff, , be sure that you have:

  • Joined the Mattermost group

  • Gained access to the Student Portal (hopefully)

  • Reviewed all Steps 2 to 5, especially Week 0 Homework

  • Refined your Resume, Linkedin, and Coverletter per 1.Branding

  • After you have followed the steps in Branding, please contact your Product Gym Staff for a review BEFORE applying or responding to any recruiters.

If you have not received any of these items or do not know how to act on these checklist items, contact your Product Gym staff member for assistance.

If you have any other questions, feel free to view the most common Student FAQs here. If you don’t see your question there – feel free to ping us on Mattermost!

For help, please contact:

Roman K, Ozzy (Osvaldo R), Jason Glassman, or Dennis Whipple on Mattermost regarding Product Management, Case Studies or Recruiter Questions. These are our amazing volunteer PG mentors. If they don’t reply, usually the fastest way to get a reply is to post on the General Channel

For questions about Resume, LinkedIn, Coverletter, make sure to review the Branding section and ping the general channel for Questions

For questions about the Application Assistant, contact Raymond

For questions about interviewing and working with Recruiters, ping the general channel and tag Cody or Rich

For questions about access to slides, login details, recordings – contact Raymond

For questions about billing and payment, contact Cody

Student Etiquette

1) Don’t ask people for their resume
2) Don’t ask who landed an offer. We will announce it when they are ready