Program Details

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The address of the course is 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor – Workville

  • WiFi Code: Workville WiFi
  • A login screen will appear and ask you for your email as a guest. Enter your email to gain WiFi Access.

Check the Mattermost channel periodically for updates if there is a change in location for the course venue for the week.

If you paid for the tuition in full – you are free to attend any of the courses ‘a la carte’. If you cannot make a specific class for the week, know that the course content for that week will be re-taught in another 6 to 8 weeks. Even if you do attend all six weeks consecutively, you always have the option to continue attending the next cohort.


The tuition for this course is $3,500.00. Some students are on payment plans for the full tuition amount. Please note that each week is pro-rated at $600.00 a week, for six weeks. The payment balance for the course is expected prior to the expiration of your balance.

For example, if you’ve only made one payment of $1,500.00 – that covers roughly three weeks. Before you join the class for a third week, we expect payment of the next installment.


All communications to Product Gym should be made via the Mattermost group. This includes questions about programming, interviews, logistics, etc. Communication via Mattermost is the quickest way to get a timely response.

If you have not been invited to the Mattermost group, please contact Product Gym before your next class to ensure that you are invited.

There are multiple Mattermost channels that you should join. The most important ones are:

  • The general channel which you will have automatically been added to
  • The applications channel where you post your application numbers
  • The interviews channel where you post where and when you are getting interviews. Product Gym uses this channel to prioritize who to give feedback too first if we have a backlog.
  • The cohort{startdate} channel where your instructors or PG staff will post relevant content to your cohort 

Application & Interview Numbers

Every week, the number of applications that you submit are announced. Our process is only effective if you follow our process to apply. If not, you are not using your time effectively.

Post your application numbers to the Mattermost channel #applications and the interviews you receive in the #interviews channel so that your cohort members as well as PG staff know that you are following our process to apply. It is impossible for our staff to give you feedback and track progress if you are not posting these numbers. 

Please understand that if you do NOT post these numbers consistently, PG staff reserves the right ignore, delay, or reject any questions pertaining to interview, recruiting, product management, and case study questions

Need Interview Feedback

Product Gym provides personalized, one on one feedback to any interviews you choose to record and submit. Not all students feel comfortable recording their interviews and sharing it with our staff. Product Gym does not bear any of the legal consequences pertaining to the recording and sharing of any content. Students that do submit their recordings usually improve the quickest because of the tailored, specific information they are getting.

Use your discretion when asking for feedback. Listen to your call again. If you already know how and where you should improve, it would largely be useless to ask for that same feedback from someone else. Ask for feedback on calls that you feel you don’t know why you didn’t do well or are unsure about

Submit your recording for feedback HERE

Personal Branding

Some students may receive an updated Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Cover Letter from PG staff. Others will be expected to provide us information to incorporate or be trained to update their resume according to the Resume Workshop, which will cover personal branding.

The key to branding yourself as a Product Manager, even if you don’t have a Product Manager title, is to focus on your responsibilities that very much translate to product management. You have to think, act, and sound like a Product Manager to get the job.

Do not obsess over the smaller details – remember treat yourself as the product in the process. ‘Launch’ your product by applying per our methodology. ‘Gather Data’ by asking the recruiters and hiring managers the questions we equip you with. Use that data to ‘iterate’ on your personal brand by refining your pitch and your resume.

You will never have a perfect background, perfect pitch, perfect resume, perfect….so don’t try and obsess over it.