Make A Product Management Career Change Or Upgrade

What Is product Gym?

Product Gym is a professional membership association created to advance the product careers of our members. All members get lifetime membership, including access to our kick-start program designed to help career changers and junior product managers land bigger, better product management job offers.

About Our Program

All members access our kick-start program that covers the end-to-end career change or upgrade process into product management. Our program trains you on both  product management and career skills to help you succeed in interviews and the job itself.


Build Your Product Management Knowledge & Skills

As part of your membership, you will have access to our library of over 20+ instructor led classes. All Product Gym instructors are leaders in their fields and industry practitioners, so you will know all your learning can be applied in a real-world context. For all members, attending skills instruction is expected for the duration of membership.


Optimize And Position your Existing Experience

Everyone’s background and situation is different. We invest the time in understanding your particular career history to work out how best to position yourself to secure your Product Manager job by unearthing your existing experience to be effectively communicated in the job market.


Drive 10 to 22+ Interviews per week

Having the right application strategy is key to generating more interviews. We’ll show you how to maximize the number of call backs you get with under-utilized techniques.


Build Interviewing & Case Study Skills

You will need to be prepared for the interview, case study, and salary negotiation process to properly communicate your abilities. Our training will equip you with the most effective strategies for maximizing confidence and success in interviews, leading to more and higher offers.

Admission Requirements

Product Gym looks to accept members who we believe we can truly help. What makes a candidate the right fit depends on a mix of motivation, accountability, coachability and timeline.


M. Wang

“From the in-person and web-based coaching calls, twice a week informative classes, plethora of resources through the Student Portal, and around-the-clock support from the team as well as the wider PG community, this program was everything I could have asked for in terms of accelerating me towards the next chapter of my professional career. One thing I will note is that this program is not a walk in the park – you will get what you put into it, just like anything else in life.”


“The experience at Product Gym is top-notch. The classes, community, and outlook I got while in the program truly helped me land a fantastic offer -increasing my base salary by 60%. The work you put in every day starts to build your momentum. The community is super supportive and always willing to share encouragement or advice.   found the classes engaging and interactive. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support – thanks to the whole PG team!


“Joining Product Gym was easily the best decision I made in my job hunt to land a new role in tech and grow as a product manager. Their courses are designed to land you a job and provide an insightful + holistic view of product. If you’re looking to leverage your skills as a product manager, earn more money, and join a great community, definitely check out PG.

Upgrade your Career

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