QA 101: Free Online QA Training for Beginners

Download our free QA Tester Training to learn the basics of quality assurance software testing and the software development lifecycle.

What's Inside?

If you want to break into QA but don’t know where to start — here’s your answer. In this four-part QA Testing mini-course, Product Gym Lead Instructor and Principle Software Engineer Deepak Sharma will lead you through the foundations of QA testing, including an overview of the function of the QA role and main responsibilities of the job, the basics you need to know to succeed, and the tools and resources you’ll need to master to kickstart your career as a QA Automation Engineer.

Here's what you'll learn:

What They're Saying About Us

Technosoft Academy [now Product Gym] is a great choice for anyone looking to start a career in QA or Automation or anyone looking to add to their skillset. I have taken both the QA Automation and API Automation courses and have found them both to be extremely beneficial. The QA Automation course is perfect if you don’t have any knowledge about the field which was my case. They helped me switch my career and I landed a job in no time.


The instructor Deepak and the lab Assistant Ahsan were particularly constructive and knowledgeable in delivering the information to the students. They know their audience, which is very important as we all come from IT or non-IT backgrounds. The classes on java had a crystal theoretical approach and straightforward examples.


The best place to start your career in IT. The teachers are amazing. The way they teach you is easy to understand. I like to give a special thanks to Deepak and Zahir for there outstanding teaching, guidance and support. I would recommend this school to everybody who wants to start their career journey in IT. Thank you Technosoft Academy [now Product Gym]!


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