Secrets to Finding $250K+ Head of Product Jobs During COVID-19


Having more money will always improve your current lifestyle, no matter how much. For some, making $250K a year is a dream come true. During COVID-19, it can be difficult finding top jobs that pay this much. Learn how to find Head of Product, VP of Product, and Director of Product jobs during COVID-19 that pay $250K+!

Main Takeaways:

  • How to Create a List of Companies to Contact
  • How to Reach Out to 30 Decision Makers Daily
  • How to Follow Up for Interviews Every 3 Business Days Until Response
  • How to Outsource Outreach Efforts to Remote Workers

About the Presenter

Rich is the Founder of Product Gymâ„¢, the first professional career coaching service committed to helping aspiring and veteran Product Managers transition into the Product Manager job of their dreams. Rich helped over 300 Product Gym members increase their amount of Product Manager interviews, and ultimately, convert those interviews into offers.

Previously, Rich worked as a Technical Recruiter for both CyberCoders and Workbridge Associates, where he partnered with countless companies to attract, develop, and retain their top talent.

This FREE training will go over EVERYTHING you need to know about finding a Head of Product, VP of Product, and Director of Product job position during COVID-19 that pays over $250K a year. Included in this free training will be tips on how to reach out to decision makers daily, as well as correctly follow up for interviews until you get a response; how to outsource outreach efforts to remote workers, and more!

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