Product Management Training webinars

Free training videos to help you on the product management job hunt.

Product Management Training webinars

Free training videos to help you on the product management job hunt.
getting a job during covid-2

Secrets to Getting a Product Manager Job During COVID-19

COVID-19 is a difficult time for anyone to get a job in any industry, with the Product Management industry included. Learn the secrets to landing a Product Manager job during this pandemic and what recruiters are looking for now.

Complete Guide to Writing the Best Product Manager Resume

Learn the ins-and-outs of how to craft the best Product Manager resume to be the most attractive candidate to a hiring manager, as well as how to get the most interviews through resume optimization.


Complete Guide to Crushing Product Manager Case Studies

One of the most difficult parts of the Product Manager interview is the Case Study. Learn how to completely crush Product Manager Case Studies during interviews, with multiple tips and strategies provided by the community of Product Gym.


Negotiating Big Product Manager Offers

One of the more stressful segments of any job interview is salary negotiation. Learn how to negotiate with companies for big Product Manager salary offers, as well as how to market yourself to the interviewers that you deserve a bigger income.

Secrets to Getting a Product Manager Raise During COVID-19

During COVID-19, the economy has taken a drastic turn. It has become even harder to get a salary increase during this pandemic, but you can get yourself a raise in just 90 days. Learn the secrets to getting a Product Manager raise during COVID-19.

Secrets to Finding $250K+ Head of Product Jobs During COVID-19

Having more money will always improve your current lifestyle, no matter how much. For some, making $250K a year is a dream come true. During COVID-19, it can be difficult finding top jobs that pay this much. Learn how to find Head of Product, VP of Product, and Director of Product jobs during COVID-19 that pay $250K+!


Secrets to Networking with FAANG Product Managers for Job Referrals

FAANG companies are always among the hottest companies that people want to get into. From Facebook to Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, learn the secrets to networking with current Product Managers at these companies for job referrals!

Secrets to Turning a Rejection Into Another Product Manager Interview

Getting rejected for a job position that you’ve wanted for a while may seem like the end of the world, but it isn’t. There are multiple ways to turn the rejection back around into another Product Manager interview, and even an offer with the company. Learn how to turn a rejection into another interview, and possibly an offer!


Secrets to Avoiding Toxic Work Environments for Product Managers

Let’s face reality…some workplaces are toxic and nobody wants to work in a toxic work environment, whether it be the coworkers you work with or the boss. Learn the secrets to avoiding working in a toxic work environment as a Product Manager!