About Us


Product Gym was started by an idea to help grow the product management community by offering current and realistic PM tools to people looking to transition into product management. 

We are dedicated to providing effective PM instruction and job hunting strategies for the best candidates that want to make a career change.

Our Instructors

Our Product Management Instructors, Interview Coaches, and Subject Matter Experts are Senior Product Managers, Engineering Leads, UX Research and Designers, Visual Design Experts, Product Marketers, and Data Scientists from top-tier tech companies to small scrappy startups. Their breadth and depth of experience equips you with the skills needed to ace the Product management Interview.

Yohan Rizk

Engineering lead

Allie Meng

Product manager

Paul Warren


Kathy Liu


Rod Labadie

UX & Product Lead

Allison Whaley


Cody Chang

Product manager

Tony Rudeen

product manager

Thomas Noh

Digital marketing

Arkady Sokolov

Product Manager

Jimmy Ng

Technical product

Tony Tran

Engineering CTO

Mike Rabadi

Data Scientist

Darren Kong

product strategy

They work at:

The leading technology companies

Customers reviews

What our Students say

The career support here is also phenomenal, they completed revamped and tailored my resume, linkedin, and cover letter to play to my strengths. Every week we were focused on a different set of interview questions, where the instructors helped us break down these question, and customize our own unique answers.
The biggest difference I noticed in working with the team at Product Gym was that they were committed to me crossing the goal line with all that I learned, whereas the competition is satisfied simply with sharing information. Definitely the missing link if you are trying to change your career path.
Max W.
They will show you step by step on how to tackle interviews and land the perfect PM role you are looking for. The instructors will show you how to approach multiple scenarios so you will be able to maneuver through any curve ball that comes at you with confidence.
Kevin W.
If you want a product management job - You need to go to this bootcamp. The guys that run this course are in the classroom every week with you. THEY ACTUALLY KNOW what you need to be taught to get that first interview, ace the second, and the third, etc.
James L.

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