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Become a QA Engineer in 15 Weeks

We’re gonna transform you into an SDET in just 15 weeks, which means you’ll have all the skills and knowledge to be a QA Analyst, QA Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, and more.


This 15-weeks course provides students with a span of Software Test development skills, enabling them to build full stack test automation framework/tools. Our course is built around the broader history of Test Automation. This means that our members finish with a solid base of fundamental programming knowledge, experience with specific languages and frameworks that are popular today, and a flexible outlook that is comfortable and eager to tackle new technologies in a fast-moving and ever-changing industry.

Because we’re focused on preparing our students for a career in technology, we want each graduate to leave with a body of work they can use in their job search to discuss and demonstrate what they can contribute to a company.

What You’ll Learn

During this program, you will work on industry-standard projects using JavaScript, Selenium Webdriver, Github, Postman and more. You will learn how to write test cases using BDD, investigate bugs or crashes on web and mobile apps and use JavaScript programming to automate your own test cases.

Near the end of the course, you will build your portfolio with industry-level projects that employers are looking for. This will be in the form of a two-week sprint, where you and your team will assign each other tasks and work to complete them within the time period. The purpose of this is to build your portfolio, while preparing you for the workforce.


Our QA Training program lasts 15 weeks.

The Job Placement Assistance Program, provided by our partners, lasts approximately 120 days (4 Months). The program offers a weekly live session breakdown, with the added benefit of having all sessions recorded, allowing participants to learn at their own pace.


Our classes are taught both live and recorded by industry experts. Unlike other programs, each our classes are taught by subject matter experts from the industry rather than by a single instructor for all subjects.

Edwin Quan

Director of QA

Edwin is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in software development. With a diverse portfolio that includes working on multiple domains such as banking, insurance, digital agencies, and more.

Deepak Sharma

Software Engineer

Deepak has graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indrapastha University and has 15 years of Quality Assurance and Project Management experience working across Retail, Telecommunication, Entertainment, Internet/Technology Industries.

Ahsan Siddiki

Software Engineer

Ahsan has graduated from Bangladesh Agricultural University with a Masters degree and has worked as an Automation Engineer for 8+ years and has been with Technosoft since 2018 as a Lab moderator.

Job Success Program

Our learning plan includes lab hours, study groups, one-on-one support, and career guidance. Yep, we provide more than just expert instruction: our coaching will actually help you get the job too.

  • 85% average placement rate. For those who complete our partner provided Job Placement Assistance Program. We do not guarantee placement in any particular job or role. That said, our career coaches do their best to assist you in any way they can.
  • $90k average starting salary. Although we do not offer any kind of salary guarantee, people who complete the program typically average anywhere between $75K to $105K in their first position. Our career coaches will do their best to assist you in achieving your salary goals.



This program is suitable for people of all experience levels, including those without a background in QA or technology. To discuss the course contents or the availability to join the program, please book a discovery call with the admissions team.


Our joining fee for new members is $6,000 with a three-installment plan, or a one-time payment of $5,500.

Absolutely not! This is a program designed to assist you in your career transition from an unrelated background. We make sure that whether or not you have prior experience, knowledge, or skills, you will be given the best resources to assist you in achieving your career goals.

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