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Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land three PM job offers.

After Joining Product Gym, How Many Interviews Were you Averaging a Week?

On any typical day, it was anywhere between three to five interviews. It just ranged from the different rounds like a round one interview, round two, or round three. On the days that I had a final on-site, I used to make sure that I don’t have any other interview on that day because on-site rounds leaves you so exhausted. But in a week, definitely a good number of 15 to 20 interviews.

What Do you Think Product Gym’s Strong Suit is That Really Helped With your Job Hunting Process?

What was special about Product Gym was that everything you are taught are tied to interviewing, such as how you can frame you answers or put all of your experience in a way that would help you do better at your interviews. That is something that is very unique about Product Gym. Also, I feel that the process is broken down into very manageable chunks. Product Gym helps people get from one stage to another stage. If someone is stuck at one stage, how they can identify their shortcomings and improve their chances of moving on to the next stage, so that is again something that is really unique. The third thing that I really like is that the course is designed with keeping the diverse profiles [of members] in mind. For example, there are no prerequisites for the course where you need a technical background. I have seen some of the most diverse profiles at Product Gym. Regardless of what background you have, if you just want to get your first PM role, I definitely feel Product Gym can help you.

What Advice can you Give to Members That Just Joined Product Gym or any Prospective Members?

Really be on top of branding such as your resume and cover letter. Go out there and get into the field. Get yourself interviews: apply, apply, apply. Just like how the Product Gym philosophy is on sending out applications. I really love applying at scale because I think that’s what has really helped me. In my prior experiences, I was getting interviews through referrals, but applying at scale, at least in my experience, helps you land more interviews. The second thing is to start getting more involved with the community because I think that’s where you can find the most support. Try to find your friends and buddies that you can do case studies with and keep motivated.

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