How to Transition from Software Engineering to Product Management


Thanks to Product Gym, I was able to land my first offer within six weeks, and land my second offer shortly right after.

What was your Background before Product Gym?

I actually have a bit of Product Management experience. The company I was working for prior began to shift in that direction. So, I was kind of familiar with what it was about and began to do a bit of that, but then I moved. I came to New York, and I wasn’t really sure how things worked in this market or how things were going to move. I started applying either way, but I don’t think I ever really made it past the first stage of any interview before Product Gym, to be honest.

What did you Find the Most Helpful About Coaching with Product Gym?

I think that there’s a lot of clarity of what happens behind the scenes for companies and recruiters. If you’ve never been a part of that process, you have no idea what they’re thinking of and coming from. Product Gym really helped cast a good light to know that these are the cards that they hold against you and this is how you can present yourself better. Learning about the other side gives you an advantage of how to present your case.

What did you find Different About Product Gym and Product School?

When I took Product School, they were more focused on how to be a Product Manager, and what are you doing in the role, and how you can be better as a Product Manager. There was talk about helping you with your interviews and resumes, but for my cohort and when I did take the class, it was something we spent very little time doing. I’m talking very little, maybe like two 30 minute session across two classes, and it was mostly feedback from other students. There wasn’t really a sense of a one on one, as far as getting attention for my resume and interviews.

At Product Gym, there was a nice balance on figuring out if you can and want be a Product Manager, and how to actually get the job. I wasn’t left to my own devices; I was held accountable for applying and moving on to the next steps. I was constantly given feedback, so I really felt a sense of support. I needed it since I was very focused on trying to get this work and to the next steps. So, that support was very, very integral to me moving forward.

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