How to Transition from Finance to Product Management


By the time I was done job hunting with Product Gym, I managed to land four PM offers.

What Made you Decide to Transition to Product Management?

I first heard about product management through one of my friends actually. She was working as a product manager at a payments company, and I asked her what does her typical day look like. She said that worked a lot on strategy and got to work with a lot of cool people, and come up with brand new ideas. So from there, it was towards that point where I realized that I wanted to switch out of banking and into something more strategy and business-oriented than just trading.

How many Interviews did you Generate when you Started with Product Gym?

The moment I started working with you guys, I increased the amount of interviews by 10 orders of magnitude. It was crazy; I was actually getting positive responses. They weren’t the automatic replies, such as: “Hey, thanks for replying. We’ll get back to you.” The responses were more like: “Hey, we’d like to schedule a phone screen with you.” From there, I felt like I won the lottery – I was doing 10+ interviews a week.

What are Some Words of Encouragement that you Can Offer to Prospective and Current Members of Product Gym?

To the prospective members, this was honestly the best decision I think I’ve made in the past few years without a doubt. Making the switch was 100% worth it. To the current members of Product Gym, honestly, keep it up. I know it’s hard and the process sucks. It’s not a lot of fun whatsoever, but it is definitely worth the grind.

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