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API Test Automation—A Beginners Guide

API Test Automation—A Beginners Guide

What is API Test Automation?

In software testing, API test automation refers to the process of testing application programming interfaces (APIs). This type of testing checks for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. When testing APIs, rather than using standard user inputs (keyboards) and outputs, you use software to make calls to the API, receive responses, and note the responses.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that API tests differ from GUI tests in that they will not focus on examining the appearance or feel of the application. During the development of the software architecture, the focus is primarily on the layer of business logic.

Types of API Testing

A few practices that are involved in API Automation Testing are as follows:

  • Each operation is tested to ensure that it is functional which is known as unit testing.
  • End-to-end functional tests are often built upon unit tests, which test the functionality of broader scenarios. The process of defining, executing, validating, and reversing a test case is included.
  • Functional test cases are frequently reused in load testing to ensure that performance and functionality are not affected under load.
  • Detecting runtime errors by executing automated and manual tests against an application to identify race conditions, exemptions, and supply leaks.
  • Tests to validate authentication, encryption, and access control, and penetration testing and fuzz testing.
  • Team members GUI items can be validated as part of the larger transaction by performing webUI testing as part of end-to-end integration tests.
  • Identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, or Web applications in order to prevent them from being exploited by attackers.
  • A fuzz test involves forcing massive quantities of completely arbitrary data into a system so that it can collapse, overflow, or behave in other negative ways.

API Test Automation Tool—Postman

There is a popular open-source API automation tool called Postman Automation, which is an essential tool for testing applications with multiple features. Postman Automation delivers high-quality results and accurate results, reducing the amount of time and effort required for manual testing.

It has also simplified and made it more convenient for developers and testers to test and follow continuous integration and continuous development initiatives, as well as removing the need for manually entering JSON commands into Postman.

Benefits of Postman Automated Testing

In today’s technological age, automated testing transforms how end-users build and use applications. In addition to getting consistent and reliable test results, Postman testing helps software testers save time and money on outsourcing costs and to create a robust quality assurance strategy that delivers better quality products faster than ever.

Postman testing is a great tool for planning a robust quality assurance strategy. With Postman’s automated testing suite, you can provide your customers with the best products and services for the cheapest price by using the CI/CD method of testing and deployment.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Postman

  • Easy-to-use interface – Postman’s simple interface makes testing APIs easy, and its unique features facilitate test suits created by filling in a template.
  • Newman – Postman’s command line tool that runs tests even without a GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Multi-environment testing – Postman keeps track of multiple environments and uses the right settings for each test collection based on the environment.
  • Data Storage – Postman lets you store data from your API variables in global variables so you can use them as environmental variables in any API call you do.
  • APIs can be integrated with developers’ coding configurations to test responses and setups with Postman, saving QA engineers time.

How to Learn API Test Automation

The Technosoft Academy is a pioneer in the IT training industry and offers programs online through virtual classrooms. With our comprehensive course on API microservices automation, you’ll be able to harness the high-level skillset required by startups and tech companies to automate APIs.

A few topics we cover in our API test automation are as follows but not limited to:

  • An introduction to API testing
  • SOAP vs. REST: What’s the difference?
  • Testing Webservices with tools
  • POSTMAN in Depth
  • REST API Method
  • JSON & XML
  • TestNG
  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • Reporting Extent Report
  • Data Driven

The course is taking over 4 weeks and is designed for those who want to improve their productivity and value by expanding their testing knowledge and understanding various approaches. The goal is to ensure that user stories and development criteria are less ambiguous for all parties involved by learning the technical aspects of the software. Additionally, Postman is an excellent tool for automating API tests. If you have a basic understanding of JavaScript, you can learn, create, and execute Postman API automation tests.

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