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The Product Management Interview Blog

How to Navigate Your First 30 Days as a Product Manager

9 min read If you had met me seven years ago and asked me where I thought I’d be in my career seven years from where I was back then, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you. Young, naïve, and wandering, having just moved from Beantown to the City of Angels, I probably would’ve given you some lame, cliché answer along

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What Are the Most Common Types of Product Manager Case Study Questions You Should Be Expecting in 2021?

7 min read It’s impossible to understand how to solve product manager case study questions without knowing what kinds of questions to expect. Given the plethora of companies and resources online, sometimes it might be tough to navigate your way to find the right types of questions to solve to get ready for your next interview. After mentoring more than a thousand members

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