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Produktmanager Interview: Case Studies lösen in 4 simplen Schritten

4 min read Produktmanagement ist situations- und kontextbezogen.  Kein Produktentwicklungs-Lebenszyklus läuft jedes Mal für jedes einzelne Produkt reibungslos und gleichförmig. Genauso ist es während Job-Interviews. Nicht immer wird die gleiche Antwort auf eine Frage die richtige sein. Die Antworten ändern sich je nachdem, wer die Fragen stellt und in welchem Kontext sie gestellt werden. Dies gilt insbesondere bei Case-Study-Fragen. Dieser Artikel setzt voraus,

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How to Solve a Product Manager Case Study in 4 Simple Steps

4 min read Product Management is situational and contextual. No product development lifecycle is going to be seamlessly executed every single time for every single product. Similarly, during the interview process, the same answer for similar questions will not always be correct. These answers change based on who is asking and context behind the questions they are asking – specifically, for the case study based questions. This article

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How to Win the WeWork Case Study Podcast with 40 Launch Founder

2 min read  Recently, one of our members was presented with a case study from WeWork after a Round 2 interview with the hiring manager. When we first received this case study, we knew that we needed to ask for additional information to complete the case study and find out what WeWork really wants from this. You recently joined the Revenue Optimization

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