How to Create a Winning Presentation for the Final PM Interview Podcast w/ Grubhub PM

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You just nailed the interview and the company you spoke with wants you to come in. Now, comes the fun part you have to create a presentation. Sure, sure, sure, you have nothing you worry. You have been reassured that there is no pressure. But we all know the pressure is definitely there. The biggest challenge you will face is what are you are going to present on that is going to be sizzling enough so you walk out of that room with an offer. If you stressing about keeping up with an idea, you are not alone.

What you have to keep in mind is throughout the country we at Product Gym are seeing an increase in companies requiring presentations for the final round. 

For this podcast, we asked Tony Rudeen from Grubhub to help us navigate a standard Product Manager presentation and here is what we learned.

Presentation Overview

Please prepare a short presentation that will walk us through a product strategy you developed that you are particularly proud of.

Please include the following:

  • The problem you were trying to solve or opportunity you were seizing
  • The way it fits into the organization’s mission, goals or KPI’s
  • Explain where the strategy originated and why you’re proud of it
  • Explain a key design decision that positively impacted the product
  • Share an example of a technical challenge, roadblock, or constraint that influenced the product
  • Highlight your role on the team and your contribution
  • Reflect on what went well and what you learned from the process
  • If possible, share screenshots or a demo

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