How to Manage Your Product Team

Reaffirm the Vision

Make sure that both you and your team(s) have a clear focus on what you are trying to make. Make sure each member on the team is on the same page, and that they know the role that they hold.

Hold Meaningful Meetings

To some, meetings might be a waste of time as some meetings can go on for longer than intended, or it might not accomplish anything at all. However, meetings are a good way to connect with the team and get updates on the progress from each part of the team and put brains together to come up with a direction.

To avoid wasting time, have a clear objective when holding a meeting and make sure that the members attending are aware of the purpose of the meeting.

Have the members of the team be prepared for the meeting so as they will have their thoughts organized by the time the meeting begins. Also, keep the number of people attending the meeting to only the representatives of each part of the team. This will avoid the clutter and confusion that a larger number of attendees may have. 

Understand Your Team

Members of your team have a variety of skills that you, the Product Manager, bring together to create a successful product. You, as the Product Manager of the team, has to set a clear path for the team. 

To do that you need to understand a bit of what your team members do. Know their limitations, as well as their constraints so that you can set achievable goals for them. Try to learn a bit of code to understand the engineers. Research the market so you can discuss it with the sales and marketing department. 

You do not have to master every skill to make good decisions. Just by having an understanding of each part of the team can help you create a great product roadmap. You can refer to our article discussing how to create an amazing and agile Product Roadmap.

Trust is a Two Way Street

Only by showing your trust in your members will they be more supportive of you. Show that you trust your team by giving them the responsibility for an assignment. Allow them to make their own decisions during the task. The more you check in on them the more they will feel that you don’t trust them to do their job.

Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something to your team. You are not a search engine. It is beneficial to ask if you don’t know something in order to learn more about it, and to show your team that you trust them.

The Team

You are only human and so is your team. To build a successful product, a well functioning team is vital. By having a great team, a great product will be the result. Creating a product is an achievement that the whole team shares. 

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