How to Win the Amazon Product Manager Interview

In Product Gym, we have encountered many people that have been either students or have been teachers at our courses that have dealt with noteworthy companies like Amazon.  From Product Managers and non-Product Managers alike, the e-Commerce giant has been heavily pursued as a great place to work.  However, when it comes to applying for a Product Manager position at Amazon, it becomes very hard to get in, as they are obviously selective with any position.  It’s therefore very important to gain any advantages you may have the opportunity to have.

Thankfully, we here at Product Gym have had experience dealing with the application process at Amazon and have written some basic questions that we believe will be asked by any of their recruiters or hiring staff at any stage of the interview process after applying.  These questions primarily focus on the technical side, with an emphasis on coding and engineering.  As a website accessible to hundreds of millions of people across the world with billions of transactions changing hands, Amazon will have an eye on prospective hires having a solid technical background with strong app design and coding skills.  We here at Product Gym have provided access to questions that will be asked in the first two rounds of the standard interview process so people wanting to work at Amazon but worried about being unprepared will have a leg up on their competition and answer these questions with heavy preparation.

Amazon (Seattle) Round 1A Interview (Technical Experience)

Where do you rank your level of confidence in coding on these programs (SQL/Python/Java/C/C++) between 1-10?

  1. In the realm of SQL databasing and business intelligence tell me a little bit more about your experience there.
  2. Give me a specific example where you had a lot of ambiguity in a situation.  How did you figure things out?
  3. When you get pass back from the business, what is your strategy to persuade them to side with you?
  4. (In your example from number 3) Did you complete the product before being moved to another project or you someone takes on the project after you were moved off of it?
  5. Can you get me an example when you have to take initiative to get things done when you knew something had to be done, and what action did you make.
  6. Did you have to do some research for the action you took (i.e. writing Python code) and was it knowledge you already knew?
  7. Was your research/action correct or was there errors?  What did you learn from it?
  8. What is your salary desire?

Amazon (Seattle) Round 1B Interview (Product Experience)

  1. How much experience do you have with the business side (scalability, the market place component) of bringing a product to market?
  2. As a Product Manager, were you working with mostly internal products?
  3. How do you decide on which product to work on or prototype? Is it based on a consumer need?
  4. In regards to cloud environments, what have you done? How knowledgeable are you of the different segments on AWS?
  5. Have you looked at our leadership principles?

Seattle Amazon Round 2 Interview

  1. Can you walk me through your resume? Why do you want to be a Product Manager? Why do you want to continue growing in this path or what are the changes you are anticipating?
  2. How do you manage the workflow or the kind of stakeholders you work with? How do you go about featuring your requirements?
  3. Do you have a dedicated tech team?
  4. What set of roles do you play versus the other people on your team?
  5. How do you roadmap the launch?
  6. Is there a time or project where you worked directly with the development team? Is there a product, as a Product Manager, that you worked directly coordinate with the development team?
  7. How do you and your team think about user testing or how do you phase it out from development? Tell us how you create a timeline and work back from a deadline?
  8. How long have you been working at your current company?
  9. Why are you looking to change jobs?

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