How to Win the Facebook Product Manager Interview

In Product Gym, we have encountered many people that have been either student or have been teachers at our courses that have dealt with noteworthy companies like Facebook.  The social media giant has been heavily pursued as a great place to work at by Product Managers and non-Product Managers alike.  However, when it comes to applying for a Product Manager position at Facebook, it becomes very hard to get in, as they are obviously selective with any position.  It’s therefore very important to gain any advantages you may have the opportunity to have.

Thankfully, we here at Product Gym have had experience dealing with the application process at Facebook and have written some basic questions that we believe will be asked by any of their recruiters or hiring staff at any stage of the interview process after applying.  Facebook used to ask more technical-related questions in interviews, but they have moved to become more spread out in the topics and subjects being asked.

A lot of these questions still do, however, relate to the technical side, as Facebook Product Managers will heavily collaborate with the engineering team. As a website with hundreds of millions of users across the world, Facebook will have an eye on prospective hires having a strong product sense, a proven leader with strong organizational and execution skills, and a solid technical background, if possessed.  We here at Product Gym have provided access to questions broken up into two categories – technical, non-technical – that will be asked in the first couple of rounds of the standard interview process so people wanting to work at Facebook but worried about being unprepared will have a leg up on their competition and answer these questions with heavy preparation.

Non-Technical Questions (relating to personal experience, etc.) –

  • Why did you apply to Facebook?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me about the products that you have launched or have been a part of its design and pre-launch projects.
  • Are you familiar with how Product Management is done at (a bank – if you’re a finance person, an accounting firm – if you’re an accountant, etc.)?
  • Tell me a product you have successfully launched. What is your process? How did you get there? What did you do?
  • What is your strength? Why should we hire you?
  • What is missing from Facebook? what would you change and why?
  • You will be responsible for the growth and customer acquisition as Product Manager, can you talk a bit about how you would view growth and market acquisition initiatives?

Technical Questions (relating to skills and technical experience) –

  • How do you:
    • motivate your engineering team?
    • work with the engineering team?
    • prioritize features?
  • How would you utilize tools like Jira?  How would you utilize A/B testing to test consumers?
  • Tell me an application you use and why do you like it.
  • As head of product for a hypothetical new app similar to that of Facebook, what would you do? What change would you make? What is the 1st initiative you will take on?
  • Other than reducing the scope, what new things would you do?
  • When you think about your roadmap, how do you think about what to build versus what not to build?
  • What is your framework when someone on Facebook’s corporate board asks you “How will we get this new feature to the market?”

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