How to Win the Fueled Product Manager Interview

In Product Gym, we have encountered many people that have been either students or have been teachers at our courses that have dealt with noteworthy companies like Fueled.  The mobile applications design and development company has been heavily pursued as a great place to work by Product Managers and non-Product Managers alike.  However, when it comes to applying for a Product Manager position at Fueled, it becomes very hard to get in, as they are obviously selective with any position.  It’s therefore very important to gain any advantages you may have the opportunity to have.  

Thankfully, we here at Product Gym have had experience dealing with the application process at Fueled and have written some basic questions that we believe will be asked by any of their recruiters or hiring staff at any stage of the interview process after applying.  Fueled is largely interested in applicants that have a strong skill set that includes evaluating experience working on mobile products, an ability to work on complex issues and provide simple manageable solutions, managing and organizing timelines for each project while assessing each project from a business and technological perspective throughout different phases

Fueled also requires its applicants to have a deep knowledge and mastery of the tech industry with an emphasis on mobile applications. We here at Product Gym have provided access to questions that will be asked in the first and second round interviews so people wanting to work at Fueled but worried about being unprepared will have a leg up on their competition and answer these questions with heavy preparation.

Fueled (New York) Round 1 Interview Questions

  • What kind of career opportunities are you looking for in our company?
  • What is your potential start date and will you be willing to relocate if needed?
  • What is your desired salary?
  • What is the difference between API and SDK?
  • Do you know what Django is?
  • How many elevators does a 50-floor building need?
  • What’s the population of the European Union?
  • What is user story and can you give an example of one?
  • What is skeuomorphism?
  • What experience do you have managing a product, preferably tech-based?
  • Do you have previous experience as a Product Manager?
  • What experience do you have working with other product managers as part of a team and mobile design teams?
  • Do you have previous experience managing a product and/or designing a product management strategy from scratch?
  • We have designed award-winning mobile applications used by millions of people around the world for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small startups, how would you be able to handle our clients’ questions and concerns about our products?
  • What do you know about the mobile and tech industry and current trends relating to mobile devices?

Fueled (New York) Round 2 Interview Questions

  • Do you know who Paul Graham, Fred Wilson, or Kevin Systrom are?
  • Do you know what country the app Waze is from?
  • What do you know about various mobile devices and their capabilities?
  • What is a design sprint in Scrum?
  • Can you site one exercise that you would do in a design phrase with a client?
  • Do you know the lean startup methodology?
  • What is your experience in shipping mobile products?
  • Can you tell me the difference between Google’s material design and Apple’s flat design?
  • Can you tell me the difference between Agile and Scrum?
  • How many active users does Facebook have?
  • Are you familiar with or have you used Twilio?
  • How would you explain Agile to a customer?
  • Do you have previous experience with launching a mobile product?

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