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Here at Product Gym, we get many questions on a daily basis for our Product Managers and Instructors. We receive questions to answer, ranging from what agile means to our Product Managers to how to come up with Product Requirements Documents (PRDs). In this segment of this series, we received the question to ask one of our head instructors: 

What was your last experience leading a strategic initiative where you had to work cross functionally? How did you know if the project was successful?


“Adding a search-based navigation system to an analytics dashboard was a pretty wide-ranging effort. The concept originally surfaced from the Sales team, looking to remove friction from the onsite demos. Because this feature aimed to offer an exceptionally faster path to all the views in the application, I worked with Product Design to interview our power users, and investigate their instincts for how to search for views by typing. We took the resultant data to shape the input patterns, Engineering had a lot to offer in terms of the tech to handle the user input quickly and power the UI to guide them to what they need. I then worked closely with Product Marketing to make the user guidance documentation as simple as possible.

In the end it was a huge success, because we had reduced the number of steps to get to a given from (in some cases) 5 clicks down to one navigation action, driving lifts in active usage and NPSBy maintaining a strong integration of stakeholder feedback, I was able to manage expectations tightly and ensure satisfaction across the business as well as with users.

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