Do You Need a Cover Letter to Apply to Product Manager Positions in 2020?

In this podcast, we are exploring the function of cover letters in Product Manager interviews. While they might seem redundant, their function as the document that speaks out about your personality is very essential in the further rounds of interviews!

In this podcast we are going to explore the answer the question of needing a cover letter to apply to Product Manager positions. Cover letters in general are neglected by recruiters and hiring managers in the first two rounds of the Product Manager interviewWhen you qualify for the third and the fourth rounds, however, your cover letter will be reviewed by the interviewers. Common stakeholders such as tech leads, UX designers, or business analysts, who will talk to you for these interviews will take a few minutes to review your branding documents and your cover letter will stand out as the document that can display your personality. It might seem like a neglected document but at this point, your cover letter is the best indicator of your ability to present yourself as a good team player in written form. So don’t let this one piece of document prevent you from qualifying for further rounds of the Product Manager interview. Listen to this podcast to find out how to make your cover letter powerful enough to convince the hiring team that you are the Product Manager that they are looking for!
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