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Product Manager vs. Brand Manager

The title Product Manager can differ from company to company, and often overlaps with other roles. In this mini-series, Product Manager vs. Other Roles, we will discuss how the role of a Product Manager compares to different roles. This time we will talk about Product Managers in comparison with Brand Managers.
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While Product Managers work on creating a product, Brand Managers work on creating a company brand based around a product.

Product Manager

A product is a good or service that is being offered to the customers and is what is being developed by the Product Manager.

As stated in our other articles from this series, a Product Manager owns the product and is responsible for the success and failure of the product. They’re also responsible for the vision and strategy of the product. They have to stay on top of developments and make sure the product is covering all bases. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Setting the strategy and vision of the product to align with business and user goals
  • Building a product roadmap
  • Work with engineers, designers, and stakeholders
  • Requirements evaluation
  • Stakeholder management

To learn more about what Product Management is, come visit our article discussing what the title is, in more detail. 

Brand Manager

A brand is an abstract concept that refers to how a company is viewed by the public, including both factual and opinionated details. For example, when thinking about Apple, you know that they sell phones, but you might also think that they’re innovative. Brands are not only companies and products, but people as well. Celebrities and athletes often have their own brands and a specific way in which they want to be perceived.

The job of a Brand Manager is to strategically develop a brand for a company or product. They have to influence the public’s perception of the company/product.

Some of their main responsibilities include:

  • Researching consumers and where the brand is positioned in the marketplace
  • Create research-based brand strategy
  • Developing advertising and marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Managing promotional activities
  • Analyzing competitive product and brands

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