Product Managers vs. Product Marketing Managers

The title Product Manager can differ from company to company, and often overlaps with other roles. In this mini-series, Product Manager vs. Other Roles, we will discuss how the role of a Product Manager compares to different roles.

This time we will talk about Product Managers in comparison with Product Marketing Managers.

Simply put, a Product Manager is responsible for the creation of a product, and a Product Marketing Manager is responsible for getting the product to market. Though their roles are different, their ultimate goal is the same: to make a successful product.

Product Manager

A Product Manager owns the product and is responsible for the success and failure of the product. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Setting the strategy and vision of the product to align with business and user goals
  • Building a product roadmap
  • Works with engineers, designers, and stakeholders
  • Requirements evaluation
  • Stakeholder management

We have a blog post explaining what Product Management is in more detail.

Product Marketing Manager

A Product Marketing Manager markets the product directly to the customer. Though the responsibilities change based on the company, some of their basic responsibilities include:

  • Characterizing the market position within the setting of the general product strategy
  • Conducts competitor and market analysis
  • Defines requirements and features necessary to produce and deliver a complete and successful product to market
  • Informing the sales team of the strategic positioning of the product
  • Work with engineers and creative teams to bring a product from an idea to commercialization

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