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The Differences Between a Product Roadmap, Plan, and Strategy

When it comes to Product Management, there are many factors to learn and know about. Some of which include creating a Product Roadmap, a Product Plan, and a Product Strategy. Between the three of these, there are key differences that a professional Product Manager should acknowledge. 
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Product Roadmap

A product roadmap looks at important milestones, and timelines for all throughout the product lifeline. The product roadmap is less specific compared to the product strategy, as it’ll cover the basis of the deadlines, and directions that the product is headed.

Product Plan

A product plan is able to take the shape of whatever is required at the time, as well as be differentiated per team, accordingly. At times, the product plan could even be the product strategy. The product plan will allow a malleable format to be able to be converted easily to fit any scenario.

Product Strategy

A product strategy is the highest degree of specifications for a product. It’ll detail an analysis of the current situation of the product, such as where it’s located on the timeline in accordance to its’ release date. The strategy details the goals, and the final outcome that you and your company are hoping to reach. 


There are similarities between a product roadmap, product plan, and product strategy. For example, within a large company which houses many products, there would be a separate product roadmap, product plan, and product strategy for each different product. Learning how to work with each of these would be useful, as each provide their own agenda and purposes. It should also be noted that each team may be presented with a different product roadmap, plan, and/or strategy to accompany what their focuses are. For example, a technical team would receive a technical roadmap, whereas a sales team could receive a roadmap that is relevant to their sales role within the company. 

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