Should You Reapply for a Job in Product Management?

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If you’re on the Product Manager job hunt, you’re probably filling your time applying for as many positions as you can and looking to generate as many interviews as possible. If you applied for a position you’re passionate about but haven’t heard back for an interview, it can be disheartening. Should you reapply for a job? Will applying again change your chances of getting that interview? Here are 6 tips to apply to your job hunt if you’re left wondering. 

Apply, Apply, Apply

This is literally all we have been saying: you need to apply for every product management job out there. It’s is not the time to discriminate against a company, position, or industry. You have to get a job before you get the privilege of choosing the job you want. By applying to every position out there, you are dramatically raising your chances of getting interviews and hence offers.

Check If the Company is Still Hiring

Even though we strongly encourage you to apply to every position out there, we want to make sure that you are not wasting time on companies that stopped hiring due to these conditions. Don’t forget to check out to see if your target companies are on the “layoffs” and “hiring freeze” list.

Should You Reapply For a Job?

And if so, when should you reapply for a job? Likely, you will not hear from most of the companies you applied to in a couple of days. So, to make sure that the recruiters have your resume and information in their hands, apply to the position again after waiting for a response for five business days. At this point, you have nothing to lose, and the more you try, the higher chances of you getting an interview. Many of our successful members who landed PM roles in record times made the best use of this trick, and their hard — work paid off with multiple offers in a matter of weeks!

Reapply Directly on the Company Site

Make sure the company has your information and resume through the company website. Recruiters check their website first to look for possible candidates before checking third-party providers such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

Keep Reapplying

Repeat this process and keep reapplying until you hear back or the position is closed. Ain’t no shame in trying hard! Reapply to the same position twice, thrice or even four times! Make sure you reapply with at least 5 business day intervals though! It’s 2020 and the job market is full of qualified individuals who are ready to do whatever it takes to land a PM role. You have to do whatever it takes to shine brighter among the competing pool.

Do Not Expect Recruiters to Look Through Every Resume

Nobody has the time and patience to screen hundreds of resumes every day. You have to up your networking game to make sure that the recruiter knows you more than what your resume tells about you. This is where the LinkedIn outreach comes into play. Make sure you connect with a reasonable number of senior product managers (i.e. head product, VP of product). We are emphasizing the importance of senior here since these people have product managers reporting to them and so they know whether they will be hiring new product people sooner or later.

We have a specific message format and insider tips on exactly when and how to do cold-calling via LinkedIn. Make sure you check out the “Follow Up on LinkedIn” section of this article to learn more!

This is the tip of the iceberg and with years of experience, we know for a fact that all of these tips work only if you are motivated and focused on achieving your goal. This is a rocky road but nothing in life, especially a highly desired job, comes with an easy path. Keep on trying and consider joining the Product Gym community to understand that you are alone in this journey!

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