Should You Use a Product Manager Resume Template?

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Whether you are new to the world of product management or an experienced Product Manager looking to make a change, a strong resume should be your priority when on the hunt for jobs. When updating your resume, should you use a product manager resume template?

Your resume is your chance to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters and communicate to them why your experiences make you the best candidate for the role. When it comes time to decide on the layout of that first impression, it might be difficult to choose what direction to go in. Should you be using one single product manager resume template to apply to every Product Manager job? Or should you go ahead and customize your resume for every PM job that you apply to? Resume templates can be highly debated, and the strategy you use will vary depending on your circumstance.

Follow along with our Q&A series as we unpack the most-asked questions of product manager job hunters. This week we’re tackling product manager resume templates:

Begin with the End in Mind

 Your first step should always be to consider the end goal; what do you want? Is this your first product manager job, or are you going for a director-level position? Someone who is currently unemployed and in need of any PM job might take a different strategy than someone who has a job they don’t need to replace anytime soon. Your current employment status, seniority level, and the sort of job you are aiming for matters. 

When Customization Matters

 Customizing your resume to each application may seem like a great way to make your resume stand out, and in some situation, it is; if you are an experienced Product Manager who is trying to land a high-paying role as a head of product or a director-level position, customization is crucial. These positions open rarely and generally have fewer applicants due to their level, but it is still crucial to be as competitive as you can. If a company is willing to make a significant investment in a new role, you need to tailor your resume accordingly. 

Making Use of a Product Manager Resume Template

 When applying for those more common, more accessible positions that may have many applicants, it is more important to understand how to take your template and make it stand out. There is no need to customize every resume — your goal is maximum efficiency, and a template will allow you to go out and mass-apply to jobs

 With more companies going remote every single day, the pool of candidates for each new job posted continues to grow larger. As a result, many recruiters utilize an applicant tracking system or ATS to sift through resumes. So long as you understand how to structure your template for ATS with the right keywords laid out in the right places, using this strategy should be able to get you on your way to 10 to 22 interviews a week. 

 Even if you are currently employed with no concrete plans to leave your current position, it is always a good idea to have a template handy that you can tweak as your experience grows in case an opportunity comes up. Say you decide you want to transition to a different sector; testing the waters with 2-3 different templates, each tailored to the specific sector can be a great way to get a sense of your options.

A Work-in-Progress

 Remember, a resume is something that should evolve with you to suit your goals. If you are job hunting, check out our exclusive PM job board.

If you’re struggling to hit 10+ interviews a week, we would love to look at your resume and help make it work for you. It could be as simple as ensuring your template is passing that application tracking system! Schedule a call with one of our career coaches: we can help stop you from missing out on that opportunity that would have been the perfect fit.

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