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Tips to Making a Great Roadmap

Crafting a great and agile roadmap can be a difficult task for most Product Managers. Those who can create amazing roadmaps are definitely amongst the best of the best in terms of Product Management. This part of the series will provide general tips on crafting a well-thought out roadmap.
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Focus on the end goals and benefits

Be sure to keep both you and your team focused on the goals you wish to accomplish, as well as the overall benefits of each part of the roadmap in coherence to the company, and individuals. Of course, you should take into consideration other existing factors such as costs, risks, and equipment such as current technological levels and necessities.

Be prepared for everything

You can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to visually creating a map for the future of your company, and each team. Be sure to always be prepared and continue thinking of scenarios that your product may encounter, whether it be the implementation of a function, or a solution to a concurring issue existing alongside your product being created. 

Keep it simple and organized, design-wise

Remember to keep your product roadmap organized, and structured design-wise, in order to not cause confusion amongst your peers. A clean map is always the way to go, and it leads towards the road to success.

Show dates, especially for specific tasks

When you’re done with the roadmap, be sure to show dates for all of your products. This way your teams can stay organized, and have the knowledge of specific dates of events, or due dates of tasks. 

Determine the costs for everything

Costs will always be important. You should always consider the costs when it comes to implementations and other necessities throughout the life of the product. If something is too costly – try considering an alternative.

Regularly check, maintain, and update the roadmap

Possibly the most important matter to remember when it comes to conducting a roadmap. Throughout the course of a product, the roadmap should always be changing and updating – check for due dates, or slow-downs, as well as keep the roadmap updated with new requirements, or dates.

The roadmap is an integral part of being a Product Manager. You’ll be the maintainer of these roadmaps, and each team will be referring to it for guidance. An amazing, and agile Product Roadmap is a true sign of a great Product Manager.

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