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What is a Product Roadmap

When venturing into the field of Product Management, it is imperative to understand the integrity and concept of the field that you’re going into. Understanding Product Management is a full-on guide devised by Product Gym to help you gain a better understanding of what Product Management is, what Product Managers do, and all other information that you’d ever need to truly understand the functionality of the Product Manager position.
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A product roadmap is a visual or graphic which highlights and lays out the future for your product, or products. It marks which direction your product is headed towards, and what obstacles are there that you and your team will have to work against, or around. It’s a guide for executing strategies to further benefit your product(s) in the future, as well as communicate to others the general idea(s) behind your product(s).

The product roadmap includes:

  • Product Strategies and goals.
  • What features should be built for the product.
  • The time in which the features for the products will be built.
  • The distribution of responsibility for product and feature building.
  • Priorities of the company.

These Product Roadmaps lay out the foundations for what could potentially be the future path that you and your company / associates venture down. Understanding the basis of a Product Roadmap is a crucial part of being a Product Manager, as you’ll be the main person solely in command of creating a good Product Roadmap for your company, and understanding the needs of both the consumer side, and the production side of the products, as well as the functionality of the product (what it needs, what should be added).You will be emphasizing on the needs of the consumer, and how to distribute responsibilities throughout the workforce in order to meet those needs and features, as well as the deadlines of the production. You must be able to fully observe the product and receive adequate feedback from both customers, and other departments within the company, such as opinions from the Engineering team, and the Sales and Marketing team. In the end, the Product Manager is solely responsible for the provision of a Product Roadmap.

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