Will Being a Certified Product Manager Help in a Job Search

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With so many Product Management boot camps and classes, will I actually get a job with a Product Manager certificate or diploma?

The short answer is – it depends. It depends on the depth of Product Management knowledge they teach, the preparation and questions for Product Management interviews, and their focus on the skills required for Product Managers.

Product Management Certificate VS Product Management Resume

Imagine you are a recruiter or hiring manager for your Video Streaming software company. You need to hire a Product Manager. It could be a junior, associate Product Manager – maybe its a Senior Product Manager. You post the job listing and you start sifting through the resumes. Lo and behold, you see a number of people applying that have project management, user-experience design, engineering, etc experience applying for your Product Manager role. You pick up the project manager resume that has a Product Management boot camp certification, but you also see an account executive from an ad tech company who doesn’t have any certification.

Their resume bullets look like this:

Account Executive

  • Interfaced directly with end-users and documented customer pain points
  • Communicated key user feedback to business and engineering stakeholders
  • Understood and articulated core user personas and assessed product fit

Project Manager

  • Develop and maintain the timeline of projects and project related tasks
  • Identify new and improved processes that will result in simplified steps and/or time reductions for the company
  • Manage schedules, work assignment, status reports, project budgets, the scope of work, milestones, risk, change control, allocated resources, etc

Which one do you think looks closer to a PRODUCT MANAGER? For more information on what the roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager are and the ultimate Product Manager resume template, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

If you are familiar with the job responsibilities of a Product Manager, you’ll know that the Account Executive will probably get the call. Why?

Because the Account Executive knows how to communicate his or her job functions using the Product Management vocabulary. He or she knows who their primary stakeholder is and what their motivations are.

The Project Manager, however, is relying on a Product Management certification line on his or her resume to communicate her experience.

As a recruiter or a hiring manager – what are you going to be persuaded by? Core concepts and product-centric vocabulary that encompass the job of a Product Manager holistically or a certification and diploma in Product Management?

Depth of Product Management Knowledge

Just having a Product Management centric resume isn’t enough. You have to have the core Product Management knowledge – otherwise, you’ll only get to the first round call with the Recruiter and you won’t make it past that first round call.


Because you don’t know what any of the terms or concepts actually mean. If you decide to take a certification class, you need to know how to pitch yourself like a Product Manager. The only way you can pitch yourself confidently is if you have a grasp of the terms and concepts you are talking about.

Does your Product Management certification or diploma teach you the depth of knowledge of these terms? And most importantly, do you know how to use this depth of knowledge to communicate your personal story and Product Management brand to the recruiter?

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