About Us

We are dedicated to providing effective skills instruction and job hunting strategies for the best candidates that want to make a career change or upgrade.

Our Values

Product Gym started with an idea to help grow the product management community by offering current and realistic product management tools to people looking to transition into a Product Manager career.

Each member of our team is dedicated to creating superior content, resources, tools, and community support for our members, as well as for the wider product management community. We uphold this extreme level of dedication by staying true to our core values. Do these resonate with you? If so, we’d like to hear from you.


We say what we think. Don’t pretend, internally and externally. We write like humans and work with each other in an open fashion.

Play for the Team

We collaborate and support each other. We try to work together to problem solve, or pitch in to help other team members.

Extreme Ownership

We take full responsibility for our tasks, projects, and KPIs. We don’t blame but own the mistakes or problems and try to fix them. We own our attitudes, situations, and relationship dynamics and try to improve them.


Working from our code of conduct is just the baseline. We work in a way that we would be proud of should any of our work or communications be public and well-known.

Data Driven

We are focused on the numbers. What are we trying to achieve? What do the numbers tell us is working?

Member Focused

We keep in mind, always: does this help our members? Would our members be happy associating with this?


We’re a 100% remote team spread all across the world. Join us!

Remote Jobs

Our team is fully remote, coming together globally from multiple time zones. Work from wherever you are most comfortable and productive, whether it’s your home office, your couch, a coworking space, or your favorite coffee shop.

Flexible Work Schedule

Because the Product Gym team is global, a standard 9 – 5 looks different for every team member. With the extreme ownership that we embody, Product Gym team members can create their own hours and work during the times that suit them best.

Paid Time Off

Managing your flexible daily hours also means flexibility when it comes to time off. While time off requests must be approved first, we don’t limit the number of vacation or sick days you may take off. We trust our team to manage their time and their work while taking care of themselves and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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