How to Transition from Management Consulting to Product Management


Thanks to Product Gym, I was able to land a PM role in a space that I am passionate about.

What were your Initial Challenges Before Product Gym?

I have worked with tech companies, but I hadn’t really actually got my hands dirty in terms of actually developing a product. So, I couldn’t really speak the language terms. For example, building use cases, doing user research, understanding what Product Development was, how to work with engineers or designers. I did a lot of the reading on my own. A lot, you know, Product Management books, but I felt like during the interviews, that’s where I fumbled when they asked me about a lot of the technicalities and details about developing a product and working on with different teams.

As a Remote Student, Do you Feel that Product Gym Wasn’t as Effective?

I felt that I signed up not just for the classroom and the interviews, but the community was pretty strong here in San Francisco. Also, Rich had the weekly coaching call, where everybody got to talk about their challenges. That I thought that was one of the most helpful sessions I could participate in. Rich was able to go into a far deeper level of detail, from what I’ve seen when it comes to actual interview tactics. So, those coaching sessions are phenomenal.

How has Product Gym Impacted your Career and Life?

Product Gym provided me with a job in my life where I was actually really interested and passionate about. I feel like it’s rare to have everything aligned. You know, we’re in the job because it mostly pays well. In my case, it’s a good company and a good brand. Sometimes it’s not always the product we want to work in or space that we want to work in. So, I have Rich to thank for that!


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