How to Transition from Account Management to Product Management


I couldn't have done this without the help of Rich, Cody, and the rest of Product Gym team.

What’s your Background Like?

I had always been in advertising technologies right since I started my career. I was always working client-side, so talking to clients, getting incremental budget, stuff like that. At my last company, I was helping advertisers optimize their advertising experiences for consumers, and working on solving questions, like how we could change up our UX to get responses from end-users that we wanted, and to help better their experience.

How Long do you Think the Whole Job Hunting Process Took After you Enrolled with Product Gym?

I would say that the whole process took approximately two and a half to three months. I was working full-time while also job hunting, which was difficult, but definitely doable. I was able to fully transition into Product Management in 2 to 3 months. It’s where my mind was thinking I would end up when I started this path, and here I am.

How many Offers did you Secure During the Time you were Coaching with us?

I would say in total, at the end of everything, I had come out with a total of 5 offers. But, in the serious period, it was four offers.

Do you have Any Words of Motivation for People Going Through the Grind?

I would just tell them to not give up. Just keep going at it. Don’t go through it, and say “I did it”, but go through your interviews, and ask yourself what you did in those interviews, or calls? What can you do to improve next time, and the next time, and so on. Don’t just hit a limit and give up, but you have to keep fighting for it. Keep on improving, and keep on learning from everything you do, from the phone screens, to the onsite interviews, to the case studies.

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