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Course Curriculum

Our course is a rotating, 6-week program.
Saturday Mornings are focused on Product Management topics.
Saturday Afternoons are lead by Subject Matter Experts.
Each class is equipped with Interview specific content.
Course tuition is $6,000 USD.


9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Product Management Fundamentals

Learn how to create a product roadmap, conduct a business and market analysis, define an MVP, evaluate OKRs and KPIs, wireframe and prototype testing, and build stakeholder consensus. 

Interview Fundamentals

Set yourself up for success by practicing for the most commonly asked First, Second, Third and Onsite Interview Questions. Learn what questions you need to ask and gain the confidence of the recruiter.

Case Study & Whiteboarding

Before you receive take-home interview assignments or get asked case studies to explore your PM knowledge, you need to be equipped with enough confidence and knowledge to limit the scope of the question being asked.

Technical Product Mangement

Don’t have a technical background? Or are you a ex-Software Engineer? What specifically are the expectations for a Product Manager when it comes to knowing technical, programming knowledge?

Preparing for Product Launch

“Walk me through a Product you’ve launched from start to finish.” Who are the stakeholders you will ultimately work with? How should the product be positioned in the competitive market and who will buy your product?

Data Science for Product Managers

Making ‘data-driven’ decisions is the new buzzword, but what specifically about Data Science are Product Managers supposed to know? What are the expectations from a Data Scientist and how do you use data to win the Interview?

Note: Class programming is subject to change per cohort rotation based on the scheduled availability of the Instructors and Subject Matter Experts.


1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter

Generate multiple interviews by building a custom Resume, a branded Cover Letter, and optimizing your LinkedIn for recruiting software. Learn an application methodology that has been proven to generate interview requests.

Master the PM Pitch

“Tell me about yourself” has to communicate breadth and depth of Product Management Experience. Learn the best cadence to deliver this pitch, what details to include, what to omit, and how to transition the interview into a conversation.

UX Research, Design & Visual

Not all startups have a separate researcher and a UX Designer with a Visual Designer. What are the primary differences and what are their expectations from a successful Product Manager?

Engineering & Product

Not all Product Managers need to know how to program. Learn from an experienced Tech Lead what the fundamental technical concepts are needed for a Product Manager to be successful on the job and at the interview.

Product Marketing vs. Product

At a startup, you are the PM and the Product Marketing Manager. At a mid to large tech firm, where does Product Marketing and Product Management cross? What is your Go-To-Market Strategy for your products? Pricing? Promotions?

Working with Data

What types of data exists out there? How do you collect data? How do you evaluate the integrity of the data? Who is responsible for ensuring data is interpreted properly? What happens when you don’t have data?


Simply put, Product Management is fundamentally a mix of soft skills and technical skills where you will eventually sit at the intersection of all the stakeholder departments at your company. To be successful, you need a firm understanding of who those stakeholders are, what their role is, how product managers currently interact with them, and the level of domain knowledge you need to know about their role.

The best way to achieve this level of understanding is to hear directly from those stakeholders. Product Gym not only sources the best product managers as instructors, but also subject matter experts that will be your peer and counterparts in the companies you eventually work at.

Career Support

All members receive the following career support offered exclusively by Product Gym and staff members.

Exclusive Alumni Network Membership

Get direct access to Product Managers who have successfully gone through our program to share strategies.

Channel Access

Collaborate with your peers and coordinate with Product Gym staff members directly.

Members Portal Access

Access videos, lectures, screen-by-screen walk-throughs, and exclusive blog content just for Members.

Tailored Interview Feedback

Receive 1 on 1 feedback to any or all of the Interviews you want reviewed. Get actionable next steps to improve.

Technical Assignment Assistance

Our Subject Matter Experts and Product Gym staff will give you guided assistance on all your interview assignments.

Salary & Offer Negotiation Support

Over 8+ years of recruiting experience equips Product Gym with the knowledge to get you the best offer possible.

Background & Reference Check Onboarding

Be prepared with who to ask for references, what to say, what questions to ask and how to ask them.

Interview Question and Answer Bank

We've collected over 500+ Product Management Interview questions that will prepare you for any interview.

Product Interview Roadmap

We give you a timeline of when to apply, what to expect on interviews, and how to push recruiters to work on your time.

Product Gym offers private, one-on-one coaching on an exception basis.
The cost and fees for this program are at a premium rate.
If you are interested in these services, please schedule a call with our Admissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our program, course offerings, pricing, or general inquiries? Schedule a call with us if the answers below don’t answer what you need.​

How long has Product Gym been operating ?

Product Gym was founded by recruiting and product management experts with over 10+ years of experience. We have running cohort classes, officially since April 2018. Prior to April, Product Gym was a private, 1-on-1 career coaching service for roughly 1 year.

How is your program different from other Product Management Courses?

This program is taught by product management instructors who share a similar career transition path with you. They are also supplemented by subject matter experts who will be your peers in the companies that you are looking to make a transition into. The curriculum is designed to teach you hands-on product management skills to equip you with the best job hunting strategies. No other course focuses on the Interview and Job Hunt as much as we do.

Am I eligible to apply to Product Gym?

Professionals with at least 3+ years of relevant working experience who are looking to make a career transition are welcome to apply. Please note that this course is located in New York City.

What will I learn during this program?

You will learn how to brand yourself as a PM, optimize your Resume, LinkedIn and Cover letter for recruiters, prepare and answer First, Second, Onsite, and Final round interview questions, and how to work with external recruiters. Additionally, you will learn Product Management fundamentals including Prioritizing competing product features, Evaluating business success across teams and Product metrics and marketing

What is the average salary for product managers?’s average salary of a product manager at $111,213/yr. This amount will vary depending on location

What should I expect when I schedule a call with you?

Our call consultation is free and we will be reviewing your resume and professional background to ensure that you are the right fit for our program. While we have had success placing many candidates, we must ensure every member admitted is serious about our program.

Classroom Logistics

Where are classes held?

Unless otherwise stated, all classes are held in New York City at 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor on Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. This located is conveniently located right off the Times Square Station

If I am a recruiter interested in hiring your members, who should I contact?

We work directly with a number of external recruiters and agencies. If you are interested in interviewing our members or sending some of your candidates to our program, please contact us via the contact form.

Can I attend the class online or remotely?

Yes! We have members from all around the world that actively a part of this program. All of our class and coaching sessions have been recorded and available for live stream (depending on your location).

How much time is required for this program?

There is approximately 40 hours of classroom instruction spread across 6 weeks. However, our members all agree that this is the “best experience you never want to have again”. Expect to spend many hours applying, preparing, and doing assignments for your interviews and calls. 

If I am interested in teaching, who should I contact?

We have very strict standards for our Product Management Instructors and Subject Matter Experts. Its not enough to be skilled at your job, you have to be able to communicate effectively to our members. We pay very competitive rates and look forward to speaking to you via the contact form.

How much does this program cost?

The program tuition is $6,000.00. Depending on your background and financial situation, we have made exceptions and allowed for staggered payment options. For specific details, please schedule a call with us.

Members & Statistics

If I don't have a technical background or work in the tech industry, should I still apply?

Yes. More than 80% of our admitted members do not have a technical background or work in the technology sector. These members have had equally if not more success in generating interviews than those with technical experience. Remember, this is not a software engineering job, this is for product management.

If I am already a practicing Product Manager, is this program for me? Can I just pay for career support?

While we have made exceptions before, we have not yet had a practicing Product Manager find our course content to be irrelevant. While PMs may be knowledgeable on the job, rarely are they able to articulate their work to the tailored interview questions in this job application process. Schedule a call with us to discuss your background. 

What is the salary range of the members you've placed?

After taking our program, members generally increase their salary by $25,000. Most members are able to land Senior Product Manager roles in mid to large sized technology companies with salaries from $110,000 to $150,000. 

Do you guarantee placement for your members?

No. No career accelerator or coaching service guarantees placement and you should wary of any that do. However, every single member that has gone through our program and followed our methodology have received multiple interviews. 

How have your graduates fared on the job as PMs?

Every single member that has successfully transitioned has remained at their role for atleast 8 months. The few graduates that have left their positions, did so for circumstances unrelated to their professional career. In a couple instances, they even transitioned to another PM position.

Is this course / Product Management right for me?

Product Management is for working professionals that can deal with ambiguity, have negotiation skills, can juggle multiple competing priorities and is able to work with different stakeholders. If you are unsure whether or not Product Management is for you, read our blog post here. 

What is your placement rate?

As of Sept 2018, every single member that has applied our methodology, as per our exact instruction, has received offers. Some members have opted to follow their own methodology half way through the process, decided to pivot to another career direction, or were preoccupied by family emergencies. We do not consider these members in our placement rate.

What is the typical background your members have?

Our members range from working professionals in the finance, consulting, legal, and accounting sectors, to advertising, sales, media, academia, and those in the tech sector. We have placed members of every ethnicity, gender, age group, sponsorship requirements, and more.