What to Expect

Joining the Product Gym community gives you unlimited, lifetime access to the tools and network to becoming a successful Product Manager.

Our most popular member benefit is our training classes, held on-site and accessible remotely. 

What Will Be Fun

Our coaches, instructors, and members have one goal only: Succeed as a Product Manager. If you share that passion and goal, you’ll learn from experts in the industry and peers from other industries!

What Will Be Diffcult

Joining our community requires commitment. This is not a bootcamp. We are not a school. We screen members rigorously and if you do not have the commitment or time, you should think twice before joining.

Career Support

Exclusive Alumni Network Membership

Get direct access to Product Managers who have successfully gone through our program to share strategies.

Mattermost Channel Access

Collaborate with your peers and coordinate with Product Gym staff members directly.

Members Portal Access

Access videos, lectures, screen-by-screen walkthroughs, and exclusive blog content just for members.

Tailored Interview Feedback

Receive 1 on 1 feedback to any or all of the interviews you want reviewed. Get actionable, next steps to improve.

Technical Assignment Assistance

Our subject matter experts and Product Gym staff will give you guided assistance on all of your interview assignments.

Salary & Offer
Negotiation Support

Over 8+ years of recruiting experience equips Product Gym with the knowledge to get you the best offer possible.

Background & Reference Check Onboarding

Be prepared with who to ask for references, what to say, what questions to ask, and how to ask them.

Interview Question and Answer Bank

We’ve collected over 500+ product management interview questions that will prepare you for any interview.

Product Interview Roadmap

We give you a timeline of when to apply, what to expect on interviews and how to push recruiters to work on your time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Gym?

Product Gym is a New York and San Francisco based exclusive Product Management career membership program that specializes in training and career coaching in PM. We work with individuals with transferable skills looking to break into their first Product role or PM veterans looking for their next role.

If I am a recruiter interested in hiring your members, who should I contact?

We work directly with a number of external recruiters and agencies. If you are interested in interviewing our members or sending some of your candidates to our program, please contact us via the contact form.

How long has Product Gym been operating ?

Product Gym was founded by recruiting and product management experts with 10+ years of experience. We have been running cohort classes, officially since April 2018. Prior to April 2018, Product Gym was a private, 1-on-1 career coaching service for roughly 1 year.

Isn’t your ‘initial consultation’ a sales pitch in disguise?

As a company that prides itself on getting results and finding ideal candidates, Product Gym uses the initial consultation as an opportunity to align with possible candidates’ goals and also answer some questions surrounding the PM search that we’ve encountered. While we certainly will be assessing for possible fit, we want to make sure that we can also answer preliminary questions surrounding our data on PM while making sure possible members are screened.

Is Product Gym a school, bootcamp, or course?

No. This program is NOT a course. We are NOT a school – Product Gym is a Product Management Professionals’ Association. We are a community which offers skills based classes. These classes are taught by product management instructors who share a similar career transition path with you. They are also supplemented by subject matter experts who will be your peers in the companies that you are looking to make a transition into. The curriculum is designed to teach you hands-on product management skills to equip you with the best job hunting strategies. No other course focuses on the interview and job hunt as much as we do.

How is your program different from other Product Management programs?

Our unique approach to hiring for product management positions is designed to to do three things:

1) Prepare newcomers or veterans with real-time, relevant knowledge in product management.
2) Ramp up on interviews in several weeks’ time.
3) Work with you to navigate the product management hiring landscape to garner multiple offers.

What will I learn during this program?

You will learn how to brand yourself as a PM, optimize your resume, LinkedIn and cover letter for recruiters, prepare and answer first, second, onsite, and final round interview questions, and how to work with external recruiters. Additionally, you will learn product management fundamentals, including prioritizing competing product features, evaluating business success across teams and product metrics and marketing.

Am I eligible to apply for the Product Gym membership?

Professionals with at least 2+ years of relevant working experience who are looking to make a career transition are welcome to apply. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Program Coordinators. If you’re a fit for our community, we may schedule a second consultation with one of the Co-Founders to finalize the process and answer your questions.

What is the average salary for Product Managers?

Glassdoor.com’s average salary of a product manager at $111,213/yr. This amount will vary depending on location.

What should I expect when I schedule a call with you?

Our call consultation is free and we will be reviewing your resume and professional background to ensure that you are the right fit for our community. While we have had success placing many candidates, we must ensure every member admitted is serious about our program.

I’m already a Product Manager. Why do I need your help breaking into another position?

Product Gym prides itself in specializing in ramping up on interviews for experienced PMs, as well as in-network first time/veteran PMs. Ask anybody on our Success Page and they will tell you exactly how precise and direct we were throughout their PM transition and provide honest feedback. In case that’s not enough, here are three reasons:

  1. Interviewing is inefficient. We’ve got a system designed to supercharge your interviewing game by ramping up on interviews, getting more offers (faster and more efficiently), coaching + intensive interviewing + skills classes, and an accountability system that prides itself on transparency and community activity.
  2. Our network of PMs, whether or not they’ve gotten offers or been placed, are in every single sector of the United States in every technology industry and company type imaginable, from top FAANG-level companies to the hottest startups. Only our members get access to this massive (and hyper, fast growing) network of PMs in the US – and soon to be around the world. We have analyzed thousands of interviews every quarter and possess hundreds of case studies, technical questions, and more. There are no other PM membership or bootcamps that offer this depth of service.
  3. We work with you until you land multiple offers. Our already-experienced PMs are able to garner faster results; that’s just how the PM job market works. If you don’t like the job you end up taking, we’ll put you back on the program free of charge along with your lifetime membership.

What is required to earn the Product Gym certification?​

Upon completing all of our core classes, we can provide a certification to you upon request. We will provide a skills based test, and also an exit round (or two) to make sure that you’re competent in talking about product management – for both interviews and when you’re on the job.

Do you offer any guarantees at Product Gym?

Product Gym promises this: if members who complete our collaborative, branding program in 30 days doesn’t get interviews after following our process meticulously (subject to analysis), we will provide a full refund.

How much training and content is there?

Product Gym is a professional association for product management professionals – we are a community. Part of our community offering is a set of classes and cohort. For each class set/cohort, Product Gym offers 36-40 hours of real time class instruction in the form of live classes and webinars. We may subject this to change in the future, but our events are currently held (in-person) in NYC and San Francisco.

We provide multiple opportunities a week to speak with our coaches when you’re in the beginning stages of the interview process. When you are in the later stages, we will work with you directly to figure out how to best tackle your specific situations.

Additionally, we possess hundreds of case studies from top companies and analyze hundreds of recordings to help improve the quality of our coaches’ advice, career coaching approach, and class content.

Where is the Product Gym Community?

Unless otherwise stated, all trainings, events, and coaching sessions are held in New York City at 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor on Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. This located is conveniently located right off the Times Square Subway Station.

Is Product Gym a school, bootcamp, or course?

No. This program is NOT a course. We are NOT a school – Product Gym is a Product Management Professionals’ Association. We are a community which offers skills based classes. These classes are taught by product management instructors who share a similar career transition path with you. They are also supplemented by subject matter experts who will be your peers in the companies that you are looking to make a transition into. The curriculum is designed to teach you hands-on product management skills to equip you with the best job hunting strategies. No other course focuses on the interview and job Hunt as much as we do.

Who endorses your training program?

The people who matter – hundreds of PMs that have successfully garnered more interviews than possible on their own.

I’ve already got relevant Product Manager experience. Why would I need Product Gym’s help to break into another position?​

Product Gym specializes in transitioning people like yourself into Product Management. Book a consultation here and we can discuss more about how we take your relevant skills and rebrand you into an ideal PM. Because you probably haven’t had the PM title at this point, it’s important to consider that the most difficult change will be the first one.

How long does it take to complete the Product Gym training?​

If you opt into our course offering (one of many community benefits), they typically occur in 6-week sets. For each of these cohort classes, members can go ahead and start at the beginning, middle, or end of the cohort. Classes will always be free for in-person, live webinars, or recorded events and will always be accessible for the lifetime of the PG membership.

Once I join Product Gym, can I leave without any obligation?

Once you join PG, you’re a member for life. You can choose to work with us all year from Day 1 or take a year off (or 5!) and return back into the process. We’re designed to value our members and totally align our goals.

How long does it take to get started with Product Gym?

We’ll be perfectly clear – we only want to work with people who are ready, willing, and able to become Product Managers or acquire their next product management job, and with people who are looking to ramp up and hit the ground running doing the interview process with us.

Since you only accept 10% of applicants, what are you looking for?​

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a massive jump in people looking to break into product and a majority of them don’t come from a product background.

Ultimately, whether or not you are inexperienced or a 5 year, veteran PM, we look for three things:

1) Coachability

2) Transferable skills

3) Urgency to interview and practice

What is your placement rate?​

Every member that has joined the Product Gym Community has received interviews. 100% of community members that follow our process (per our recommendation) have received offers. We do not include members that voluntarily leave our community, go on medical absences, leave for military duty, etc. into our placement rate.

How exactly do you get people jobs?

Product Gym’s unique approach towards getting members the product job is designed to do two things:

1) Increase your number of interviews

2) Improve your ability to sell yourself once you land these interviews

How long does the average member take to land a job?​

It takes approximately 8-16 weeks for members to land a job using the Product Gym process – this requires that you follow our detailed guidelines and instructions every single week that you are enrolled in Product Gym.

How much Product Management experience do I need?

Product Management is one of the most difficult titles in tech to acquire right now.

Most bootcamps sell courses around how to do the job – which is definitely a necessity. However, we are not a bootcamp and nor do we offer a singular course as our community benefits. Our community is designed to provide you with effective techniques and interview skills that will ultimately garner more interviews and vastly improve your in-person PM interviewing game.

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