How to Transition from Software Engineering to Product Management


"Product Gym was an integral part of my most recent job search. After 4 weeks in Product Gym, I had 2 job offers; don't think I could've done this on my own. Thanks Product Gym."

How did you Find out About Product Gym?

One of your employees reached out to me on LinkedIn. Her name is Jeannie and I think she noticed that I had posted a Product School Certificate on my LinkedIn profile, so she sent me a note saying you’ve helped other Product School graduates land Product Management jobs. I was excited to hear from you guys because I feel like I have relevant experience to be a great Product Manager, but I’m just looking to find the best way to communicate that and put together a package that shows the recruiters, “This guy has what you need to do the job.”

What Was your Job Hunting Strategy before Product Gym?

I’ve actually used a similar type of company who assisted me with my last job search about two years ago. They didn’t do anything with Product Management; it was just for engineering positions, and I was really happy with that program and the outcome. I had three offers before the program ended. That was when I was a Software Engineer, but now I feel that I’d be a great fit to be a Product Manager, and I have the skills for it.

How has Product Gym Impacted your Career and Life?

Product Gym was an integral part of my most recent job search. The feedback that Cody and Rich provided with respect to marketing myself as a PM and communicating like a PM was insightful. I noticed immediate results after applying this feedback. The lecturers that spoke during the course were also among the best Product speakers that I’ve heard. Not only did they provide helpful tips for answering interview questions, they also gave us great context and advice for how to think like PMs and approach problem solving on the job.

After 4 weeks at Product Gym, I already got 2 job offers for Product Management roles. I don’t think I could have done this on my own without PG.

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