How to Transition from Implementation Mgmt to Product Management


Rich and Cody have been doing tremendous work at Product Gym. I 100% believe in their strategy for landing a PM role.

What Were your Initial Challenges before Product Gym?

The first challenge was that I was trying to be very selective in terms where I applied and I was reading a lot of things. I was reading a lot into the job descriptions, and I was like, well, if I don’t have this qualification, then I’m not going to apply. I was like, really particular, the number of applications that I sent was very low. I ended up basically not hearing from anybody at all. So, there was a lot more inputs than there was output. Even in cases where I did hear back, I didn’t really have confidence that I can talk through the product process and the role. I think that kind of backfired. The few first rounds that I ended up getting for my initial reach outs, just didn’t result in anything past the first round.

How do you Think Product Gym Differs from other PM Programs?

The biggest difference for Product Gym was the assistance that I was getting when it came to just my pitch and getting confidence from sitting one on one with Rich and Cody. We covered little details such as, how do I word this or how do I present this idea to to an interviewer? Those sessions that I mentioned earlier and the fact that the entire course was not taught by one person, but actually different individuals that interact with Product Managers. They each provided their own perspective and I think that to me, was also a huge differentiator.

What Advice can you Give to Current Members Trying to Land their First PM Role?

Don’t give up and keep going at it! Keep grinding and it will happen. It does take some people longer than others, but it will happen. We all have something to offer our prospective employers and if you don’t feel like you or your skills necessarily fit there, that does not mean that five other companies will not find you brilliant. I feel that giving up is the worst thing you can do, especially if you’re so emotionally and financially invested in the process. Get that job, do well in it, and you’ll realize that it was all worth it in the end.

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