David Spector

Student spotlight

This review is long overdue and I really want to give Rich and Cody, along with the entire team at Product Gym, a huge shoutout. I couldn’t be happier at my current job right now and I owe this position to PG.

How did you find out about Product Gym?

I met Rich years ago at a talk and chose to not enroll immediately, because I believed I had the network, skills, and most importantly, time to figure this out on my own. I made a huge mistake in doing so and after watching PG grow I decided to take the leap of faith 8 months after my first meeting with Rich. I don’t regret my decision at all. The coaching that his team offers is absolutely invaluable.

What was your job hunting strategy before Product Gym?

My game plan before was simply to flex my Wharton MBA and expect to get any PM job that I wanted. It didn’t work. Much to my dismay I wasn’t able to garner many interviews through the Wharton network, either. I made all the textbook mistakes targeting only the companies I wanted to work at without accounting for the fact that other people also wanted to work there (just like Rich is always saying).

How has Product Gym impacted your career and life?

Product Gym provided me with a much better foundation for success. Seven days into the program, my resume was already revamped along with my LinkedIn, and cover letter that communicated a story of how my background was a value add. In less than 22 days after my first installment, I had more phone screens than I could attend. They even helped me with my case studies and Rich personally coached me on how to conduct the offer negotiation. Even now, I still reach out to Rich from time to time to plan out my next career moves and he has never EVER not picked up the phone when I ring him.

Nobody was ever taught how to job hunt effectively, especially for a PM position, which has become the most desired title. If you are planning your next job hunt you need Product Gym. The $3,500 I spent was worth more than my entire time at Wharton, because although I learned a lot there; the intention was always to land my dream job. Go and schedule the call today!