How to Transition from Project Management to Product Management

Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land multiple product manager job offers.

Was it Easier for you to Land Product Manager Interviews Coming from a Project Management and Software Engineering Background?

That wasn’t the case at all. I would say that maybe the software development title helped me somewhat, and I would say that my technical arguments always helped me in my career, but having software developer or project manager on my resume did not help me get a product gig. Before I joined Product Gym, I think that I wasn’t doing my resume as well enough. The work that I did was pretty clear, and I did a lot of product work in my last role. I was even on project manager interviews and was told that I was actually a product manager. In a year, I’ve only landed one or two product manager interviews being a project manager or software developer.

After Joining Product Gym, How many Interviews were you Averaging a Week?

As soon as I was done with my branding portion, I was tracking everything as well, so I was started applying and within the first week, I had a load of interviews for the following week. I had a lot of interviews lined up. If I wanted to, I could’ve had at least three interviews a day. I would have anywhere between 10 to 15 interviews a week.

What is Some Advice can you Offer for People that are Currently Interviewing and Considering Joining Product Gym?

Be really on top of where your mistakes are, and Product Gym helps you with that. When I’m doing an interview, I record all of my interviews and listen to them before moving on to the next round. I skip some sections that I know how I’m going to answer a specific question, but I really focus on the questions that Product Gym teaches you to ask them. From there, you get a load of information and you can basically use it as weaponry for going into the next round, and shows the interviewer that you know what the company is going through. It also gives you clues into the type of work that you’re going to be doing. If you are that diligent about it, you’re going to see the fruits of your labor.

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