How to Transition from Digital Marketing to Product Management


Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land multiple product manager job offers.

How did you First Hear About Product Management? What got you Interested in it?

I heard about product management in the last couple of years. Coming from a technical background, I had the opportunity to use my technical skills in a few startups that were really focused on their product in the SAS space. Having someone who not only had the hard (technical) skills, but also the soft skills as well to basically be the mini CEO, for me I’m very entrepreneurial, so I think that this was a field I was very interested in. It also helps from my personal side of things, my girlfriend is a product manager too, so seeing her and her journey also inspired me along the way.

After Joining Product Gym, How many Interviews were you Averaging a Week?

I was balancing a full-time job and interviews, but I was still able to average about 10 interviews a week. I was hustling real hard; I was able to schedule some early in the day, midday and end of the day, but I think that one thing you really just got to constantly do is have your rhythm down, so you’re able to still keep your pipeline flowing. By practicing through these interviews and pushing through, you can learn a lot about yourself during the process. That was basically the cadence that I was running before I really focused on my final rounds.

What is the Biggest Advice you have for Current Product Manager Job Hunters?

Never giving up is definitely a big piece of advice. For the confidence piece, just keep pushing through it. It will click; you will get an idea of who you are when you’re in the Product Gym program, but it formalizes throughout the process. Trust the process, and also, just keep hustling. You’ve got to push hard. Sometimes, you hit a rut and you feel burnt out, but the best thing I can say is just push through. Take the chapter of that day, write down the wins, and you can go back and reflect on it. That’s what I did during my first day at Product Gym.

I remember writing down an entry on my notepad just to remind myself of my first day’s experience, and what I’ve learned. It was a lot, but I digested it and pushed through. Looking back on it right now as I’m landing offers and taking one, I’ve grown a lot since then, but here I am standing on my two legs and ready to run it.

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