How to Transition from Entrepreneurship to Product Management


Within 60 days, Product Gym helped me secure three Product Manager job offers. Huge thanks to Rich and the Product Gym team.

What were Some Challenges you Had Trying to Land a PM Job on Your Own?

The problem I was having was that I didn’t know how to bridge the gap between my experience to the job that I was interviewing for. Interviewers often said, “I like you, but I don’t know how to place you.” So, I didn’t know how to tell my story. When I went through the Product Gym course, Rich specifically had a whole section for entrepreneurs and what they needed to do and say. I took that and applied it. As a result, I started pulling specific product stories from my experience. I was able to craft those stories using product language without changing the story.

How Many Interviews Were you Averaging with Product Gym?

At the time, I had a full-time job and I was averaging about four interviews a week. But, that was because that was all I had time for. Once I started getting into third rounds, I started slowing down a bit, so I can prepare myself for those third rounds. I actually started getting through those rounds so much faster than I thought I was going to. I had to learn much faster than if I had built the foundations up front, but that’s a good thing though.

Do you Feel that Product Gym Helped you with the Interview Process and Taught you How to Do the Job as Well?

Yeah! So, I approached Product Gym when I was going through the courses as a skill I needed to learn and level up on for my entire career. I can use those tactics to help get a raise, explore other opportunities three to five years from now, and even just understand career progression and Product Management. On top of that, I now have a community of people I can learn from and reach out to. You’re getting a lifelong skill for learning the job hunting process, so if something does happen in the future, I would know how to get another job.

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