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High-Salary Professions—Best IT Jobs to Inflation-Proof Your Career

High-Salary Professions—Best IT Jobs To Inflation-Proof Your Career

It is difficult for many people to deal with inflation. No one wants to pay more for necessities, especially when they already make an unlivable wage. Let’s face it; there is no way to stop inflation. Inflation will continue to happen whether you like it or not. There are, however, some ways to combat it and offset the increasing living costs.

The number one way to beat inflation is to find a high-paying job in a field that has LOTS of available opportunities. So, what is a great field to break into that pays well and won’t require four years of schooling and a college degree? How about the IT or tech field?

Average Pay in the Tech Field

There are a number of benefits that come with working in the IT industry. For example, the majority of tech jobs, for instance, offer competitive salaries, good health insurance plans, and plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. Additionally, the IT industry is known for having some of the highest-paying jobs in the world!

Want to know just how much you can make after landing a job in the IT world? Well, in May 2021, there was a median annual wage of $97,430 for employees in the IT or Technology field, which was higher than the median annual wage of $45,760 for all occupations in the month.

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High-Paying Jobs in IT

What jobs can you consider when getting into the tech world? Well, here are a few of our favorites:

User Interface Designer—Average Salary: $81,000

  • Delivers the visual elements that allow users to move through a website, app, or video game.
  • Provides support for other designers to ensure that users can interact with products as intended
  • Enhance the user experience with a product by developing interactive programs.

Application Developer—Average Salary: $82,000

  • Develop new applications by creating and implementing source code.
  • Identify any updates or modifications that need to be made to existing applications.
  • Represent the code and design of the application accurately through technical handbooks and documents

BI Analyst—Average Salary: $85,000

  • Analyses and metrics procedures, programs, and policies are implemented by business intelligence analysts.
  • Monitoring metrics and analytics results, reviewing and validating data collected by users
  • Ensure data collection and utilization integrity by reviewing customer files.

Software Test Engineer—Average Salary: $89,000

  • Responsible for ensuring software performs consistently as intended.
  • Analyze software and run various tests on it to create methods for evaluating it.
  • Develop documentation on identifying test scenarios and test networking features across operating system platforms.

How to Break into Tech

If you’re thinking of changing careers or breaking into tech, one of the myths you might hear is that you need an IT degree. This is because the area in which you are interested is becoming saturated. However, there are actually LOADS of job opportunities out there in the world of tech. Furthermore, getting a high-paying job in the IT industry isn’t as hard as it seems!

If you want to get tech-educated in the shortest amount of time, you need to learn from those who work in the field on a daily basis. You’ll understand the roles available and the skills necessary. Suppose you don’t have friends or colleagues in tech. You can turn to respected tech publications like newsletters, trade journals, and websites in that case.

You can also increase your chances of landing a job in the technology industry by being specific about your job search goals. The tech industry is diverse, broad, and rapidly expanding. Therefore, it is vital that you focus on the type of company and the specific role within that company.

To land the job you want at a particular company, you need to understand their hiring requirements. You may consider chatting with a potential employer of an organization that you are really interested in so that you can begin training for the appropriate skill set.

The best way to stand out in the competitive technology space is to identify what makes you unique among the other job seekers applying and interviewing for the same jobs. Essentially, you need to convey what sets you apart from the other job seekers who are also applying and interviewing for the same jobs.

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