How It Works

The Community That Helps Fast-track More Product Offers

Our community membership gives you access to our suite of classes, career coaching services, and community designed to help you land you more Product offers, faster.

About the Community

Designed for Career Changers and Upgraders

With your membership, you will access resources that cover your entire career transition or upgrade journey.

  • Get help with developing your branding, resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to better communicate your existing experience.
  • Learn how to present yourself and your abilities effectively in interviews and in case studies.
  • Develop your product management skills for on-the-job confidence with 20+ skills classes.
  • Be part of an exclusive, career-focused community of people making the change — or upgrade — just like you.

Community of Peers

Join our network of existing Product Managers and career changers just like you.

Tested Strategy

Our strategy has helped our members land multiple Product offers.

Support Services

Our suite of career services help you apply, interview, and case study effectively.

Develop Knowledge

Our strategy has helped over 1,500 members land multiple Product offers.

Membership Criteria

Who can join Product Gym?

We only accept approximately 10% of applicants. Member candidates are often tech professionals (but not always) and have the following qualities:

  • Looking to break into product management for the first time, or secure a better junior product management role.
  • Dedicated to applying our strategies, which differ from the norm.
  • Willing to put in the work to get the results wanted, including problem solving and self-starting.
  • Coachable and going to put into practice advice from our coaches and community.
  • Excited to be part of our supportive community.

We look to admit only members we reasonably believe we can help. If in doubt, talk to our admissions team.

Our Process

A Simple Four-Part Framework

We’ve broken down our program into a simple four-part process to help you land your Product Manager job faster and start your first day well-prepared.

1. Learn

Transitioning into product management can be a long journey — Product Gym wants to make sure you show up skilled and prepared. Get access to 20+ courses and practice exercises.

2. Optimize

From the best techniques for writing a cover letter to building an attractive Product Manager resume, we'll help boost your credibility and professional branding.

3. Apply

Follow our tried and tested application strategy to get the most interviews and land the Product Manager job of your dreams. You'll have complete access to our tips, tools, and community support to practice a job-hunting strategy that really works.

4. Convert

Learn how to ace every step and every question of your Product Manager interview — including behavioral questions, technical questions, case studies, salary negotiation, and more. We support our members from start to finish.


The Member Journey

Wondering what happens once you join? While every member can follow their own path, the journey below represents a typical 10-12 week timeline for new members.

Month 1

Skills Development

  • Attend Skills Classes


  • Attend Weekly Coaching Calls

Job Hunting

  • Attend Career Classes
  • Complete Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter
  • Start Applying


  • Explore our Community
  • Connect to Peers

Month 2

Skills Development

  • Attend Skills Classes
  • Case Study Practice


  • Attend Weekly Coaching Calls

Job Hunting

  • Attend Career Classes
  • Begin Interviewing
  • Continue Applying


  • Continue Engaging with the Community

Month 3-6+

Skills Development

  • Attend Skills Classes
  • Case Study Practice


  • Attend Weekly Coaching Calls

Job Hunting

  • Continue Interviewing
  • Continue Applying
  • Request Feedback from the Community and Coaches


  • Engage and give back to the Community


What Our Members Say

Read more testimonials from our members who have experienced the community and our strategy. You can find more reviews on SwitchUp, CourseReport, and CareerKarma.

I would honestly be lost without this program. The staff and community have supported me through the highs and lows of transitioning my career in media/entertainment over to tech. Throughout my journey at PG it was stressed over and over again how important it is to trust in the process, and that really could not be more true.
Krit S.
Product Gym offers one thing that other places miss - a focus on mindset. Prior to joining Product Gym, I had been apologizing for my “lack of direct product experience” and hoping hiring managers would “take a risk on me”. After joining Product Gym, I began to understand that no one needed to take a risk on me because I already had the skills and tools I needed to a great product manager - I just needed to recognize that before others could.
Elysse L.
The whole process is not easy. You will need to put in the work and hours. You will want to learn, especially if you have never been a product manager before. You will need to get used to rejections. I’ll have to say this though, I used to beat myself up with every rejection, but with PG’s process, I didn't really have the time to sulk! I definitely learned a lot about product management as I went through the program and really appreciate the support that is there, not only from the PG team, but also the other folks that are in the program as well. If you are contemplating whether to join, just do it!
Kristy T.