Develop your Existing Background And Transition to Product Management

Our career coaching program provides you the strategy, skills instruction, and career training needed to change your career.

What's Included

Our program includes two tracks: Skills Development and Career Acceleration. Our Skills Development track will help you develop the mindset, knowledge, and skills of product management. Our Career Acceleration track helps you communicate your value to employers and generate, secure, and negotiate job offers. Both tracks can be taken flexibly, at the same or different times.

Skills Development

Each course taught at Product Gym is led by an industry expert in that subject. So you know you’ll be getting practical, industry-proven direction.

20+ Courses

We provide an extensive range of product, business, and career classes you need to not just get the job, but succeed in it too.

3 Months Part-Time or Flexible

Take the full suite of courses at approximately 3 months part time, or the recommended minimum. Complete at your own pace.

Live & Recorded

Choose to join classes live, or watch the recordings at your convenience.

Industry Expert Instructors

Our instructors are industry practitioners from some of the largest, most desirable companies.

Career Acceleration

You’ll need to be prepared for the interview, case study, and negotiation process: our career coaches are here for you every step of the way.

Access Our Strategy

Our strategy for career changes and upgrades works. We track the performance of every member and are proud to show you the results.

Resume Help

Get individual asynchronous feedback on your resume to get more replies and beat applicant tracking systems.

Interview & Negotiation Coaching

Interviews not converting to offers? Unsure how to manage your salary negotiation? Get help from our coaches, including senior members, via asynchronous coaching.

Community of Peers

Join and network with a community of over 1,500+ members who are just like you.

What's Asynchronous Coaching?​

Asynchronous coaching happens when you and the coach interact not at the same time. This allows you to request and receive feedback without being restricted to usual office hours, and refer back to advice when needed.

Our Classes

The Product Gym learning plan includes product, business, and career skills. Providing more than just expert instruction, our career coaching will help you get the job by developing your existing professional experience.
Our curriculum of classes is subject to change with improvements and modifications.*

Technical Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals

Career Skills

A Simple Four-Step Process

We’ve broken down our process into a simple four-part process to help you learn, land more Product Manager job offers, and start your first day well-prepared.

1. Learn

Transitioning into product management can be a long journey: Product Gym wants to make sure you show up skilled and prepared. Get access to 20+ courses and practice exercises.

2. Optimize

From the best techniques for writing a cover letter to building an attractive Product Manager resume, we'll help boost your credibility and professional branding.

3. Apply

Follow our tried and tested application strategy to get the most interviews and land the Product Manager job of your dreams. You'll have complete access to our tips, tools, and community support to practice a job-hunting strategy that really works.

4. Convert

Learn how to ace every step and every question of your Product Manager interview — including behavioral questions, technical questions, case studies, salary negotiation, and more. We support our members from start to finish.

real Outcomes

With the hard work and dedication to the program that we expect, members have achieved these outcomes:

3-5 Offers

Members of our program can secure 3 to 5 offers, some in as soon as 45 days.


On average, our members secure a $25K to $75K increase from the first verbal offer they received.


98 percent of members would recommend the program to others.

Members Have Landed Offers With

What Our Members Say


You can join our program for a one-time fee of $6,000 for lifetime access. This fee covers all of the classes, community resources, and support needed to help you find a product management job, and can be used as many times as needed.

While each individual can expect different results, in 2022 we found that 75% of Product Gym members receive a job offer within 90 days of enrollment. For more details, check out our Member Outcomes Report.

We offer 20+ skills development classes alongside our career acceleration program. You will learn both the skills necessary to get a job and the skills necessary to perform in the job. The program covers technical fundamentals, business fundamentals, and career fundamentals such as UX research, API, roadmapping, product marketing, case studies, and whiteboarding. To find out more, get our Brochure.

Product Gym has a team of dedicated subject matter experts who specialize in various subjects related to product management. Our instructors include experienced professionals from well-known companies such as Dutchie, Coinbase, Amazon, Etsy, Google, and Paxos. Some examples of our instructors include Tony Rudeen, Bipul Sinha, Jimmy Ng, Kathy Liu, Laine Henry, and Allison Whaley. See more in our Brochure.

We are selective in our admissions process and only accept approximately 10% of applicants. Our members are often tech professionals, but not always, and must possess the following qualities: an interest in breaking into product management or securing a better product management role, a dedication to following our unique strategies, a strong work ethic and a willingness to problem-solve and self-start, the ability to follow advice from coaches and the community, and excitement about being part of our supportive community. If you are unsure if you are a good fit for Product Gym, you can contact our admissions team for more information

No, Product Gym is not a bootcamp. Unlike bootcamps, Product Gym offers flexible start times and a comprehensive curriculum taught by a team of over 20 subject matter experts. Additionally, our focus is on helping you receive multiple job offers alongside your learning.

The program is made of two tracks, Skills Development and Career Acceleration. Our Skills Development track can be done as quickly as you like to take the classes but can be comfortably completed in 3 months part-time. Our Career Acceleration track begins as soon as you feel ready to apply to jobs and you can go at your own pace. Overall, the average member may spend 7 – 10 hours a week on both tracks combined.

The Next Step

Talk to us for free advice on how to make a change into product management, learn more about the program or to apply to join.