Our Membership Program Will Help You Secure More Product Manager Job Offers in Less Time

What You Will Learn

Our lifetime membership starts with a 45 day kick-start Program that covers both product management and key career skills to train you to succeed in interviews and the job itself.

Product Manager Skills

Learn the essential, practical on-the-job skills for your product management career. All Product Gym instructors are leaders in their fields and industry practitioners, so you will know all your learning can be applied in a real-world context.

Personal Positioning

Having an effective career strategy is essential to securing more interest and offers from both internal and external recruiters. Everyone’s background and situation is different, so we invest the time in understanding your particular career and how best to position yourself to secure your Product Manager job.

Interview & Case Study Skills

With your new Product Manager skills, career strategy, and positioning, you will need to be prepared for the interview, case study, and salary negotiation process. We have developed training specific to equipping you with the most effective strategies to maximize confidence and success in interviews leading to more and higher offers.

Application Strategy

Having the right application strategy is key to generating more interviews. We’ll show you how to apply to maximize the number of call backs you get with under-utilized techniques.

Meet Your Instructors

Our Product Management Instructors, Interview Coaches, and Subject Matter Experts are Senior Product Managers, Engineering Leads, UX Research and Designers, Visual Design Experts, Product Marketers, and Data Scientists from top-tier tech companies and small scrappy startups. 

Lanie Henry


Roman Kolosovskiy


David Gritz


Kathy Liu


Matt Sammarco


Allison Whaley


Cody Chang


Tony Rudeen


Jason Glassman


Jimmy Ng


Real Outcomes

With commitment to the Program, our members are seeing real results.

3-5 Offers

Members of our Program can secure 3 to 5 offers in as soon as 45 days.


On average our members secure a $25K to $75K increase from the first verbal offer they received.


98 percent of members would recommend the Program to others looking to improve or start their product management career.

What Our Members Say

Our members back our Program. Read what they say below.


“Absolutely loved the no-BS and evidence-based approach to the curriculum. Content was focused and probably the most efficient use of time possible. Instructors absolutely demonstrate they know what they’re talking about which gives students the confidence to 100% buy into the program.”


“Two months into this ambitious cycle, I landed two PM offers and ended up taking one of them. Despite the fact that my current role is completely different than my previous one, I was able to secure a significant pay raise and more flexible working conditions.”


“Quitting is not an option in this program and you really learn how to turn a shortcoming in your life into a lifelong success story that you’ll always recall in times of hardship. While these people might sound harsh to you, the way they tell you the facts and make objective observations about your progress is really what is needed to turn your life around. As I said before, I see Product Gym as a true, honest friend.”

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Take a peek behind the curtain and learn about our kick-start 45 day Program for your product management career in the webinar below.

How To Get A Product Manager Job in 45 Days

Watch how we approach kick-start progress on your product management career in the first 45 days of the Membership. This explainer video is hosted by Product Gym founder and Product Management Career Coach Richard Chen.

Where Will You Go?

Our members have landed offers from some of the most desirable companies, including Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon. See the list below.

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