Inae Lee – Member Spotlight

Member spotlight

I want to give Product Gym a shoutout for providing a great learning experience, and ultimately, helping me land my first PM role.

What was your background prior to product management?

Prior to product management, I had a background in finance for more than 2 years as a Technical Systems Analyst. After that, I landed a role at a nonprofit organization for another 2 years before landing my current PM role.

How has Product Gym impacted your career and life?

I've been a member at Product Gym for more than a year currently and I've learned a lot. The thing that's great about Product Gym is that they get different subject matter experts to instruct each of their courses, rather than having just one for all. By doing this, it was a better learning experience, getting diverse perspectives and approaches, which is extremely important for product management.

Can product Gym help you Get Your next PM Job?