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Product Gym classes are taught both live and recorded by industry experts. Our instructors come from scrappy startups to some of the biggest names in tech. 

Jeremy Glassenberg​

Product Leader at DocuSign

Jeremy is a product leader with over 11 years of experience building APIs and monetizing developers' platforms at places like Box and Tradeshift. He has managed and expanded communities of tens of thousands of developers, executed high-profile integrations promoted by Salesforce and Google, and established key components to monetization with platforms. While focused on product management and APIs, he also manages developer relation programs and application marketplaces. His specialties include but are not limited to Product Management, Product Strategy, Developer Relations, API Integrations, and Partner Relations.​

Meryam Bukhari

Product Manager at Google

Meryam is currently a Product Manager within Google's second-largest business line: Display Ads, based in their Mountain View headquarters. She spends most of her time working with data scientists and machine learning engineers and sometimes other product managers as well as in more direct customer-facing roles like sales and customer support. Before Google, Meryam was a Product Manager at much smaller technology companies also based in the San Francisco Bay Area (Yelp and Quantcast), where she gained firsthand experience on how organizations define, maintain, and grow products and how critical non-technical functions like sales and operations are to being a PM day-to-day.

Before becoming a PM, Meryam received her MBA from MIT Sloan, where she focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. Meryam started her full-time career as a quantitative analyst in New York City at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where she got her first taste of being a PM when she led a project turning her team's analytical models into self-serve software. Before that, she received her BA in Economics and Public Policy from Hunter College. One of her favorite work experiences to date has been teaching Product Management at an MIT-run mobile app accelerator in South Africa and she is very excited to get back to teaching with Product Gym. In her spare time, she travels, drinks a lot of coffee, and reads - sometimes all at once!

Erik Dawson

Senior Director of Product Management at LeafLink

Erik is an experienced product leader with an end-to-end GM mindset. He is an expert in product management, product development, feature development, end-to-end customer experience, design thinking, business strategy, omnichannel marketing, and agile. Erik is currently a Senior Director of Product Management at LeafLink. He held previous Director of Product positions at Fiserv, Dia&Co and American Express.

Kathy Liu

Senior UX Researcher at Etsy

Kathy is a UX researcher with 7+ years of applied research experience in financial services, biotech, science publishing, and HRM/talent management. An alum of Wellesley College and Carnegie Mellon University, she currently conducts user experience and interface research at Etsy. Kathy was formerly a UX Researcher at CBRE, LearnVest, ADP and MasterCard.

Jimmy Ng

Technical Program Manager at Amazon

Jimmy is a 10-year veteran of the technology industry with broad experience spanning hardware design, embedded systems, network infrastructure, data, front-end UI/UX and mobile app development. He’s contributed to organizations big and small in a variety of roles in engineering, technical services, client management, and product development. Jimmy holds both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering. At his core, Jimmy is a New Yorker, Seinfeld fanatic, and lifelong student of expanding his technical skill-set, knowledge, and the roles in which he contributes to a business.

Tony Rudeen

Director of Product Management at dutchie

Anthony is a Digital Product Manager with interests in e-commerce, subscription services, and consumer technology. He is at his best leading cross-functional groups in the creation of useful products that solve customer problems and drive business value. Prior to his current role, Anthony started his career in business development and digital marketing with American Express. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing, Management, and International Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Roman Kolosovskiy

Senior Product Manager at Atlassian

Roman is a Product Manager with 5+ years of experience. He started out with an Operations background at Amazon and Lot18, but made a successful transition to product management, landing his first Product Manager role at Luster. Roman is currently a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in World Politics at Hamilton College and attended the NYU School of Professional Studies for International Trade Finance and Logistics.

Garrett Lang

Founder and President at PlateRate

Garrett began his career as a developer in the 90s. He has a computer science degree from Cornell University and still spends some of his spare time keeping his technical skills sharp. He has spent about 11 years in financial services companies advancing his career as a Product Manager, including General Electric, Citigroup, and Oppenheimer Funds. He has spent 6 years in ad tech/marketing tech, where he worked for a number of startups, including one acquired by Nielsen where Garrett helped create The Nielsen Marketing Cloud.

Laine Henry

UX Manager at Google

Laine is a UX Designer with 10+ years of design experience. She is dedicated to making distinctive experiences rooted in data and human behavior. Her career began as a clothing designer, which forged her creative process and understanding of design thinking. Laine's goal is to design memorable human-centred experiences that are informed by diligent research and testing. Her specialties include UX, UI, A/B Testing, User Analytics, Conversion Optimization, Retention Optimization, eCommerce, Lean Product Development, Start-ups, B2B and B2C.

Adam Kirsch

Senior Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions at West Monroe Partners

Adam Kirsch is a consultant working with private equity, growth investment firms, and strategic investors to assess product teams and product management processes in the context of how these factors impact mergers and acquisitions. He is an alumnus of the Startup Leadership Program and Cornell University, holding a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Labor Relations and an MBA concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Private Equity. While completing his MBA, Adam invested on behalf of Cornell’s BR Venture Fund and participated in Cornell’s accelerator program.

Brian Plumacher

Director of Product Management at Priceline

Brian is currently a Director of Product Management at Priceline. With an extensive background in technology and finance, Brian has held previous product management positions at Northwestern Mutual,, E*TRADE and FactSet. Brian attended Villanova University and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Allison Whaley

Director of Product Marketing at Paxos

Allison is a Product Marketer whose work has spanned startups, fortune 100 firms, and the nonprofit sector. She loves launching customer-friendly solutions to complex problems, interacting with users, and promoting product features that rock. Allison is currently the Director of Product Marketing at Paxos. She has previously worked in product marketing for Policygenius Inc., Northwestern Mutual, Citibank, and GrowNYC. Allison received her MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

Sean Pardo

Senior Product Manager at Exos

Sean is a Product Manager focused on building and measuring features through an iterative process. Building quickly/lightly can help garner user feedback and usage metrics to validate assumptions and fine-tune a feature for maximum performance/retention. By understanding users (personas), you can prioritize the Product Roadmap and focus on your most valuable users. He enjoys working within teams. The team is the project's best resource and embracing each member's perspective will allow the team to solve the user's needs faster.

Bipul Sinha

Product Lead, Payments at Coinbase

Bipul Sinha is currently a Group Product Manager (Technical) at Twitch (an Amazon subsidiary) and the largest gaming live-streaming company in the world. At Twitch, Bipul works on the Payments team and is responsible for launching improvements to Twitch's checkout and payout flows. Before Twitch, Bipul was a Senior Product Manager (Technical) at Amazon Web Services and launched various EC2 instances like C5 and Z1d instances. He has experience working in both software and hardware product management as well as in B2C and B2B industries. He is an MBA graduate from Harvard Business School. He was previously a Strategy and Operations Manager at InMobi, a unicorn Ad Tech startup based in India. Before that, Bipul was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, where he consulted large corporations in the financial services and industrial goods industries.

David Gritz

Software Entrepreneur / Real Estate Investor / Public Speaker

High energy and driven entrepreneur with a proven track record in empowering organizations to create new products, develop new markets, and transform capital assets. David’s expertise lies in the intersection of business strategy, systems thinking, financial leverage, and technology. He helps companies and individuals to expand their performance by discovering new ways to use existing assets and envision a future they never saw possible. Topics he has spoken on include: Entrepreneurship, Blockchain, Crowdsourcing, Real Estate Investing / Alternative Investing, Leadership, InsureTech Innovation, and Project Management.

Randal Romell

Principal Product Manager at True Accord

Randal is currently a Principal Product Manager at TrueAccord. His past roles in product management were at CSC Generation and BNY Mellon. Before transitioning into product management, Randal was an Asset Manager and investment associate at Kelemen Caamano Investments. He also oversaw the growth of his family's real estate business where he grew revenue at a 22% CAGR over a span of 5 years. Randal obtained his MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.

Michael Burko

Assistant Director of Test Engineering at Northwestern Mutual

Michael has been a software engineer for 12 years where he worked on various different technologies. During that time, he has been a full-time employee as well as a consultant for a number of companies such as Walmart, Fox News, Lyft, Reserve, etc. Currently, he is holding the role of Assistant Director of Test Engineering at Northwestern Mutual where he is responsible for the quality of 200+ back-end/front-end applications. Michael also designs, architects, and builds applications and APIs that serve dev, QA, and test engineering teams.

Julius Elinson

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Julius Elinson is a Senior Software Engineer at Google. He has previously worked stints at a travel startup, in quantitative finance and at a defense contractor. His engineering trajectory started with frontend development and incrementally moved toward the backend, working on serving infrastructure and then data quality. His expertise is in quality analysis, internal tools and API design. He has interviewed, onboarded & worked with dozens of Product Managers — enough to know a few things about what makes an effective PM. Outside of work, he spends as much time as he can playing in the mountains.

Tony Lew

​​CEO and Co-Founder of CoSolo

Tony is an expert at developing comprehensive growth strategy, starting with assessing the health of a company's products and services, conducting market research, doing user and expert interviews, designing solutions, and creating product roadmaps. An alumnus of New York University, The George Washington University, and Carnegie Mellon University, Tony is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of CoSolo, Co-Founder of InsurtechNY, and Managing Partner at StartupOwl. He provided leadership at multiple startups and was formerly Director of Product Management at Alibaba Group and Senior Director of Product Management at Gartner.

Darren Kong

Mentor at 500 Startups

Darren Kong is a Product Manager, researcher, and strategist. He takes a multi-disciplinary approach to building products & organizations as value systems. His experience spans launching and growing a mobile advertising network to designing complex supply chain software. Prior to his role at 500 Startups, he was a Product Consultant at BounceX and a Director of Product at Other Internet, where he focused his time on incubating strategies, products, and infrastructure for speculative futures.

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