How to Transition from Advertising to Product Management


I wanted to give a special shoutout to Rich, Cody, and the team at Product Gym for their phenomenal work over the years.

How did you Find Out About Product Gym?

I attended one of the events a year or so ago for Product Gym. It was, I believe, “How to Transition Into Product Management Without Taking a Pay Cut.” I was skeptical at first, but that quickly faded away after I attended the event.

How has Product Gym Impacted your Career and Life?

Product Gym provided me with the skills and necessities needed to transition into Product Management jobs with ease. The course has definitely helped me land my new and amazing job in the Product Management industry.

Now, I teach Product Management from time to time, and I attend as a special guest for Product Gym. I’d say it’s been rather fulfilling, and I’m always continuing to learn more and more each day. Again, I couldn’t have done it without Product Gym, and I wanted to give them another shoutout.

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