member spotlight

Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land four product manager job offers.

After joining Product Gym, how many interviews were you averaging a week? How long did it take you?

For the first week or so, I was redoing my resume. My resume wasn't a mess, so it didn't take too much time; just fixing a up a few things here and there. Within the first week to week and a half, I was getting interviews and averaged four to five interviews a week. Before I joined, I've only gotten one or two interviews before March 2020 and only one after. It wasn't until I joined in late July 2020 when I was getting interviews constantly.

How effective do you think Product Gym was in preparing, training and
supporting you?

It helped a lot. From just working with certain people in the beginning on fixing my resume to having classes, and going through each class, listening to what different people have to say. I actually used a couple of those classes during some interviews. I kept it to my side and would peek at them every so often for certain questions that they might ask me. So, those classes helped me out a lot, and also the overall community. I was able to ask questions in the chat and see if other people were going through the same thing or gone through it already. Getting their responses helped a lot too.

What are some words of encouragement you have for current PM job hunters?

Just keep going and plugging away. I definitely had tons of interviews that I thought went pretty well, but didn't hear back from or interviewers would ask me question, and as soon as I answered it, I knew they didn't like the answer even if there's no right or wrong answers. Just keep plugging away; I kept seeing people getting offers and it took me a little while before I finally did get my first offer. Keep applying for as many jobs as you can.

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