How to Transition from Project Management to Product Management

Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land three product manager job offers.

How did you View Job Hunting and Pitching Yourself before and after Working with Product Gym?

Before working with Product Gym, I dreaded job hunting. I wanted to never be job hunting again. I applied to the least number of jobs and interviewed the least number of times as I could. It was basically just trying to survive and hopefully land something through the process.

Since being at Product Gym, I learned a set of skills and ways to talk and persuade people that I feel like I have the power on my end. I know who I’m talking to, how to talk to them, and what they want. Before, I thought that interviewing and pitching was just about trying to get as much information about me and if they like it, we can move on to the next round. I learned that pitching yourself isn’t a set of scripted answers to a common question, but about gathering the most relevant information for each stakeholder.

A Lot of People are Skeptical about the Product Gym Interviewing Training and Tactics. How did you get around that for Yourself to get bought in?

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at first too. I did the research, read the reviews, but still didn’t believe that I could get 10 to 20 interviews a week because I was only getting one to three a week. One thing that I really encourage people to do is to leverage the community, both the current and former Product Gym members. I did both and openly asked a lot of questions and had doubts, but people were willing to hop on a call and answer all of my questions. At that point, I decided that I’m just going to go for it and put in the work. It was a lot of work; I had to humble myself because I was holding onto a lot of my pride, thinking I knew what was best for job hunting, but really I don’t. Product Gym has a process that’s been battle-tested, proven and worked for me.

After Joining Product Gym, How many Interviews Were you Averaging a Week?

When I was ramping up, I was averaging about 15 interviews a week. My record was seven interviews in a single day. It was intense, but the results are there. Once you put in the work, you will be getting interviews for product manager roles. Product Gym exceeded my expectations and I can attest that the process works. You just have to be willing to put in the work for it.

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