How to Transition from Sales to Product Management


Thanks to Product Gym, I was able to land 15 to 20 job interviews a week, and land a PM job that I wanted.

How Many Interviews were you Generating after Joining Product Gym?

Honestly, I lost track. It built over a course of three or four weeks to the point where it got almost silly. It was almost a distraction, quite frankly, because it was getting ridiculous. I’d say it was between 15 to 20 interviews a week realistically. It was almost overwhelming actually.

How did you Manage the Time to Prepare for All of Those Interviews? Did you Get Better at Preparing for them or did you Get to the Point Where you Stopped?

The preparation work can really be a quagmire because the things that other systems and teachers taught us to prepare for weren’t the kinds of questions I was getting in reality. In reality, going head to head (especially in the earlier rounds), is a lot simpler than you think. So spending all this time preparing was almost like a handicap.

Has the Product Gym Methodology Changed, Influenced or Drew Away the Way that you Think About Product Management?

100%! It’s actually helped me in my present relationship with my boss, a Chief Product Officer. He’s getting pulled in 100 different directions and it’s just amazing the amount of work that get on his shoulders. It’s really easy to take some of the feedback and feel critical about it because things don’t always work out the way that you were hoping it would.

Product Gym has really helped me to take the feedback and become better as a result of it, and not take it personally. It has really motivated me to get busy, to find solutions, keep iterating, and keep on going. You need that.

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