How to Transition from Project Management to Product Management


Thank you to Rich and Cody for doing so much, not only for me, but for the community itself! I think what you guys are doing is great for helping people obtain a high level of confidence and a job that they actually want.

What were some Challenges Prior to Coaching at Product Gym?

My background was really technically focused. I started out as a quality assurance analyst right out of college and figured out that wasn’t really my thing. One thing led to another, and I went from QA to BA, BA to Senior BA. From there, I realized product was something that I felt was more for me. I wanted to produce something for the consumer and I want to make sure that whatever I created, the consumer liked. Getting that feedback: “Oh, this is why I don’t like about this feature,” brought me a sense of joy. So, I think that’s why it kind of led me from going from something really technical to something that’s more consumer-facing. That’s what I really liked, and took pride and joy in.

As a Remote Student, Do you Feel that Product Gym wasn’t as Effective?

Oh, no. Absolutely not! You guys are based in New York, but still managed to provide an online learning experience. On top of that, you and Cody provide one on one calls, along with these coaching calls, where we’re able to hop on and FaceTime with you, or whoever the instructor is. I think that’s more than enough, right? I mean, the content is there. The information is there. You guys provide almost everything that a student needs, or a member needs. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in a classroom or if you’re in the bathroom. As long as I have access to Wi-Fi, it really doesn’t matter where I am.

What are some Advice you can give to Current and Prospective Students?

Hold the vision. Trust the process. That’s all I can say. If you know your end goal, don’t worry. Don’t stress about all these other things because what Product Gym provides is a framework and a structure. Just follow the instructions and check out the resources that Rich and Cody provide. Everything was laid out for me. All I had to do was understand the material. If I didn’t, I asked questions. Most importantly, be consistent and don’t feel discouraged!

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